Hello guys! I have found out maritime transport is the transport of passengers or cargo by water.Maritime transport can be  realized over any distance by boat,ship,sailboat etc over ocean and lakes through canals or along rivers.It is used by business for the delivery of goods from distant suppliers.

      Maritime has the following advantages in our day to day life.The major ones are ;

   .It is cheap.         
   . It is the ideal way to move big volume of cargo.

   .It is safe.

   .It eco-friendly   .

         Just think about how could it be in our roads if maritime  transport was not there.I am sure jam could be our chorus!Imagine  trucks carrying bulky goods along a busy road ,how could it be?I am sure enough that  business and other things would not take place . A good example is going to school would not be accessible.Another  more serious thing than jam is accidents.Those large trucks would therefore cause accidents.The reason being their too heavy.I  really thank God for giving us water.

 As we all know  that there is something in this world without  limitations.Maritime transport is accompanied by the following limitations.

    .Longer lead of delivery times

    .Bad weather

    .Could be costly

    .Customs  and excise restrictions

    .Difficulties to monitor exact location of goods in transit

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Hi Ashilline!

Wow! I like how you are looking into maritime transport as I believe this is a type of transport that not many people look into. It's weird how, in reality, everyone benefits off this type of transportation, and so very few people realize that. We all take advantage out of its product and results. From affordable food to manufactured goods, its impact is dawning. About 23% of the globe's greenhouse gas emissions result from the burning of fossil fuels, so I agree that it is important that we recognize that maritime transport is really eco-friendly. It's fascinating that it's one of our least polluting and crucial mode of shipping our goods. Think about where the world will be if there is no such thing as transportation! Some people it call it the backbone of global trade and economy! I found an interesting photo of boat shipping routes that you may want to take a look at:

Here are some websites you may want to check out:

Can't wait until your next post!


Hey Ashilline!

I really enjoyed reading your research because honestly, I didn't even know what maritime transportation was! I really liked when you talked about how it would look like if maritime transportation didn't exist. Maybe you can do more research about this if it interests you! I know I, personally, would love to read it.

Here are some possible sources for your research: 

Good luck!

Hi Ashilline! 

This was very interesting to read because I had no clue what maritime transportation even was! I agree, that we are so thankful for water because how hectic and messy it would be to transport so many cargo or passengers simply by land. In your next round of research, you could talk about the history of maritime transportation and how it all started. 

Here are some sources I found to help you: 

Best of luck! 

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