CYCLE 6 - How can a student lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to start my second cycle of the year! This cycle, I'm going to be talking about how a student can lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

So, my question is...

How can a student lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle?

However, each post will be split into two parts - the first section will refer to Canadian students and the second, Kenyan students. Hopefully, with the help of some Kenyan students, I will be able to answer my question. 

Keep an eye out for my project plan!

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Hey Heeva,

Another great inquiry question that you have decided to research! I love how you have decided to split each research round to relate it to Kenyan and Canadian students because I believe leading a healthy lifestyle is very important but it can be very time consuming. Perhaps you could first start with a survey for Butterfly Effect students to see the different types of lifestyles people lead and how a healthy one could easily fit into it if they currently don't have one. I'm looking forward to your research rounds because there is many different aspects of a healthy lifestyle consists of such as diet, amount of exercise and sleep that could be very intriguing to read. Here are some links for future rounds. Good Luck! (for younger students)

https://www.thebalancecareers....ege-students-1986743. (older students)

Hi Heeva,  

Wow you have an amazing inquiry project, and I can’t wait to see your future posts. It’s super interesting how you’ll be looking into both lifestyles of Canadians and Kenyans. Between an academic life and maintaining a social life, it can be difficult for students to find time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I find it very challenging as when you become a high school student, doing homework and studying for tests can be very time consuming. Often, it can lead to poor health where issues such as stress, self-esteem issues, poor mood, illness and fatigue can come into play. You bringing light onto this topic is beautiful! A lot of us face these issues, and it’s important to remember to stay healthy. I suggest for your later research rounds to investigate the different techniques we can have to help us juggle our academic and social lives. You may also want to look into depth one of the issues we face if we are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle (ie. Stress). 


Here are some websites you could look into:  



Good luck on your research rounds, and I can't wait to see your project plan!!


Hi Heeva

This is such an important topic!  I always enjoy reading your work and i'm equally excited about this cycle.  Your topic is such an important one for kids/teenagers to learn about.  In school these days we all seem to ignore the fact that the anxiety and stress levels of kids is insane.  The general unhappiness of the people around me at school on a daily basis is just so sad.  I really think that everyone needs to work to find a solution, kids cannot lead a healthy life if their mental health is not first looked after.  I really think that researching that angle is a crucial part of your research for kids/teenagers to make their lives balanced and healthy.

here are a few links that hopefully may help:

good luck with your rounds i'm looking forward to reading them! 

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