Cycle 5 The Burn #2 - of, TRIZAH GATUIRI (SWEETWATERS)

For those who have read my first Burn, i talked about Charlotte's research! Here's my next Burn! Why? Read on to find out. Now i'll talk about one faraway but on the same planet, a fellow peer of Butterfly Effect's research: @Trizah Gatuiri (Sweetwaters)'s Research on Disabilities! Link to most recent post:

Really informative job Trizah! 

we need to work with this  people who experience these barriers to identify solutions that will work. in hospitals disabled women are used as models for trainee doctors, without asking them for their permission. many disabled women are deprived of their rights as citizens and this way society is also deprived of their abilities and knowledge when their access to education is prohibited or restricted the encouragement they receive from their family to obtain a normal education is practically non-existent and as a result the level of illiteracy in disabled people is higher than abled people. - Trizah 

Directly from her post, this is something i would pick out, out of the whole post! Disabilities (as she says in her research that conditions can develop when you age), happen. They are part of life and the fact deprivation of rights is somewhat extreme. 

I choose this one to do the Burn on because this eventually impacts all of us. As i am thinking in long term. Either directly or indirectly. Indirectly because of loved ones for example. It affects everyone on a global scale. 

So i found value in this research as it talked about important key points! Whats more, from the quote i selected- she says we need to work with those who have the disabilities to find solutions. 

Bravo. 100% with that for sure. The best way to solve a problem is to work with the problem itself to find a real solution! Couldn't say it better. 

Surely enough i learned several things from her research, one being people actually may lose rights because they are disabled, or the debate between impaired, handicap or disability terminology used(This, i have heard testimonies, problem EXISTS in real life. People get reallllllll angry just from these. eg: "Disabled" instead of "Challenged" when a clerk asked if she needed more help but her friend snapped at the clerk in defence that she is only challenged, not disabled. )

It just through the whole kind gesture into a dark hole right there. 

Anyway, great job on this topic Trizah! Keep it up!

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