Cycle 5 The Burn #1 - of, CHARLOTTE GUO (CHARLES BEST)

Hello! This shall be the 1st Burn for this school year! Burn (optional) 1 of Cycle 5! 

Today i will be focused on one of my peers, @Charlotte Guo (Charles Best)! I would like to say a great job to her research at the start of this year on her Inquiry question: How might social media affect teens(13-19 years old)?
(Link to R6 post: 

In this changing world of technology, social media has stabbed itself in society in less than what? 20 years now? It's amazing. 

I learned a few things, and one to quote from her post> 

And when we look through nowadays' social platforms, based on the information from former round researches, I find that there's no supervision system to ensure users' content quality. On account of the lack of supervision, quality is decreasing while time is passing. This is a predictive trend when large amounts of users are in an active state, there's no a certain method to control post contents in a focusing structure. To explain it better, it sounds like there's no law enforcement agency in a city or a country. - Charlotte 

AND THAT is where things will have to change. Increasingly, for example cyberattacks, exist where it doesnt years ago! This isn't a major huge problem that blows the whole world (psychologically) to make a big action yet but its something that i believe can be foreseen. 

Charlotte directly smacks the target on today's big piece of the pie with how social media can really do great things but at the same time do bad things. 

Makes sense huh. 

So why did i choose this, well i think this is a topic that nowadays most people are affected by. Something everyone should at least have in their minds. Where this world will go now, where this generation and upcoming ones are going, social media is going to be in there and it will/has made people act to do amazing or horrible things! 

But at the very least, i learned there is some options like she said "Blockchains" is one solution to this untraceable and not very regulated world of internet. 

Great job Charlotte! 

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