Cycle 5, Project Plan - Love: what is it, why is it, how is it?

Hello everyone,

I am back again to outline exactly where I want to go with this cycle.

Research Round 1

  • What is love?
  • Why do we experience love?
  • What's the difference between love and infatuation? Lust? General interest?

Research Round 2

  • Is there an age limit/minimum for love?
  • What causes us to fall in love? Do we have specific needs to fall in love?
  • Who can fall in love? If there are people who cannot fall in love, why can't they?

Research Round 3

  • What does love do to the brain?
  • What does love do to our personalities?
  • How does love impact us?
  • When in love, why do we do things we would not normally do?

Research Round 4

  • What do old folk tales and wives' tales write love as?
  • How has love evolved?
  • Personal stories of love, what are some of the similarities, how do these personal recollections vary?

If I have time or would like to look into it, I would also consider covering

  • Why people fall out of love
  • Ways that we make ourselves fall in love
  • How appearance impacts love
  • The idea of soulmates: origins, why, is there any form of proven truth to it

And more!

Here are a few resources I could use:

Again, any comments or critiques on where I should take this research cycle are cool
Thank you


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Hi Joanna, 

This is an incredible topic due to the diversity in areas you could easily delve in to for research purposes. Your plan is very well structured as it covers topics regarding biology, psychology, media studies, and much more. The latter aspect intrigues me the most as there is an endless amount of ways that love can be portrayed using a variety of media: poetry, art, drama, etc. I think that it would be very interesting if you studied these different styles that convey messages and stories of love and analyze their messages: how are they similar? What sets them apart? This way, I believe that you will be able to obtain a solidified understanding of love in more of a psychological, expressional aspect. If you wish to look into this topic further, I found some examples of medias that express the perceived meaning of love:


Otherwise, I am really looking forward to following your research and observing what you discover!

Hi Joanna

Awesome topic!  This is such an interesting topic to look into and very different from everything I've read so far on this site.  This topic in a way is so controversial, everyone has their own idea's of what age is acceptable, who is acceptable to be in love with each other, what kind of love is right or wrong.

I think something that might be interesting to look into is the different types of love.  Sometimes people are so in love, so passionate that it hurts them.  Sometimes people are in a commitment people so long they stay in a relationship out of obligation and not love.  Sometimes you don't even really know the person but you can still be in love with them.  There are so many different reasons and different situations.  so i think it would be really interesting to look into the actual science of it and the different situations.


Hey Joanna!

I really like your topic, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.  I'm quite interested to see what you find, because I feel like this topic is one where every website or article you go to, you'll find that they'll all have a different point of view of things. I guess what I'm trying to say is that, it's a topic where websites could easily be biased just because everyone has a different view of love and what it is. That being said maybe something you could look into could be about how differently people see love and why that is. For an example, is maturity or experience a factor in how people see love? 

Here are some websites to help you out:

Hope this helps!

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