Hello everyone! Welcome to my project plan for my first cycle of the year. Speaking of which, my question is...

Does socially accepting drug addiction affect its usage among consumers positively or negatively?

Evidently, this question is very different than my last two cycles which were about consumerism and feminism. However, I am very excited to explore this new direction and see where my research takes me! Drug addiction is something that I've been very conscious of recently in my life. It can be found in my family, some of my friends, and in my community in general. Because of my large involvement in Project H.E.L.L.O. (a school club that focuses on helping Vancouver's homeless population and reconnecting families), I have spent quite a bit of time with those who have been severely affected by their addiction. This got me to thinking about the stigma that surrounds addiction in our society. So, I wondered how socially accepting drug addiction would affect its usage among consumers. I'm hoping that with my research, I will be able to answer this question and be one step closer to helping our society. I will be splitting up my research into three rounds and I will be posting bi-weekly. For my first round, I will be introducing my subject and talking about drug addiction in general. In my second round, I will be researching positive effects and in the third, I will be talking about negative effects. I believe splitting up my rounds in this manner will be the most effective and organized. 


In this round, I will be giving an in-depth introduction to my subject. I will be explaining what drug addiction is, what I mean when I say "drug addiction", and talking about the stigma of addiction. Because my question is subjective in a sense, I believe this round is vital in setting a precedence for my following research.


For my next round, I will be talking about the positive effects of socially accepting drug addiction. It is in this round where I will be referencing Portugal's decriminalization of drugs and the effects that they have witnessed so far. I will also be looking to see if any other countries or cities have done anything similar and what their outcomes have been.  


In my final round, I will be looking at the negative effects of my question. Will social acceptance encourage others to use drugs? Will children not understand the dire effects of addiction if drugs were socially accepted? These and more are some questions I hope I will be able to answer by the end of this round.

Here are some potential sources for my upcoming sources: 

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Hey Heeva! 

You did a really great job in organizing your plan, and it is very clear what your objectives for your cycle is. Reading this got to let me learn a little more about you, and your concerns for our society. Referencing Portugal's decriminalization of drugs is a good idea, and perhaps you can even compare Portugal's outcomes with the other countries or cities you found? 

Overall, I really like your plan and very excited to see what is yet to come!
Good luck! 

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