Cycle 5, Inquiry Question - Love: what is it, why is it, and how is it?

Hello everyone, 

For my next research cycle this year, I am going to look into a little about love. This cycle, I hope to cover:

  • What love is (why it occurs, what causes people to "fall in love")
  • Different symptoms of love (how we can control these symptoms, what love does to the brain/one's personality/actions, how they differ from person to person, if we can fool ourselves into thinking we're in love)
  • The age "minimum" for love (can children be heartbroken?)
  • Personal experiences (is love worth it, old folk tales, love in stories/fairy tales, etc)

And much more.

I look forward to diving into this research in a couple weeks! If you have any suggestions on where you would like to see this research go, feel free to comment/critique

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Hey @Joanna Whitter (Charles Best)!

This is a really cool topic to look at. Reminds me of the heartbreak research someone else is doing too! It will be really interesting to see what you find because this is something that it is applicable to everyone. From your question, it seems to be geared towards romantic love. Since you didn't mention, perhaps you might be interested to look into the different kinds of love that can be found such as family love, pet love, and love for activities. Last suggestions to help would be to look into how powerful love is, and what components is in love. 

Here is a podcast, slideshow from a doctor and harvard article

Keep it up!


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