Cycle 3 Project Plan

My inquiry question for this cycle is “Will human civilization ever come to an end and if so what will be the cause of it?”  I chose this topic because I have always wondered about the effects of what we are doing today on future generations, and if we continue going the way we are, will we go extinct? 

This is my plan for my research:

Round 1

In my first round of research I will look at if it is likely that we will go extinct based on patterns since we were first on earth, and different potential causes.


Round 2

In my next round of research I will focus on the possibility of climate change and the environment being a cause for the extinction of humans.


In this round of research I’ll also look at the patterns of what happened to some animals when they went extinct, and if these same patterns could show us if humans are also going to go extinct.


Round 3

In my third round of research I will look at how artificial intelligence may one day be the end of humanity.


In this round of research I will also look at any other potential causes that I find for the extinction of humans.


Round 4

In my next round of research, I will look at human extinction can be prevented, and what we can do as individuals that is within our power.

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Hi Inaya,

  Your topic is brilliant! I am interested in it when I first saw it. Human civilization is a subtle word, it sounds cool but what exactly it points at? Have we already lost some of human civilization? Anyway, it's so nice that you planned to discuss these questions in detailed sections. I would love to follow your updates. Good luck!

Hey Inaya, 

I think this topic is really ingenious! Looking at not only the probability of a possible future event, but also how to prevent it, is going to be challenging. You could maybe tie in some human activities that may bring the end of the world (e.g. the probability of war, the probability of fighting, etc.); or, maybe you could look into if there is some infectious disease that may bring the end of the world. (

Anywho, I'm excited to see what you come across. Good luck,

Hey Inaya, 

This is such an interesting inquiry question! There are so many aspects that you can research with it. I am particularly looking forward to your third round of research, where you talk about other animals that went extinct. I think that this would be very interesting because you will be able to analyze their patterns and find the turning points in their extinction and how we may follow. You can also look at animals that are endangered currently, such as the Siberian tiger, and research what will lead to extinction. Then, you can compare it to human civilization and demonstrate the ways in which we can also follow the same path.

Best of luck!

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