CYCLE 2, INQUIRY QUESTION - What is the science behind heartbreak?

Hey everybody! I'm glad to be back and researching a new topic for this cycle! I started thinking about this subject half way along my first cycle, and am super excited to finally work on it! 

Therefore, my inquiry topic for this cycle is.. 

                         "What is the science behind heartbreak?"

To summarize my main research points, I will be focusing on: 

  • What is heartbreak to begin with, and why does it happen
  • The effects on our body 
  • How it impacts our brain and mental health 
  • The science behind the healing of a broken heart 

That is briefly what I will be focusing on, but it is in my project plan where I will go more in depth in breaking my rounds of research down to smaller questions. 

I'm super excited to share what I have in store with everyone and begin to read everyone else's new work!

See you all in my next post 


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Hey @Venus Seyedi (Charles Best)

The science behind heartbreak. An intriguing topic  that I have not experienced- yet. This is a cool question to ask and I look forward to see what you find out! 

An idea or suggestion for you is to find stories that brings upon a meaning such as a message or lesson, of a person who had a heartbreak. Then see what they did to recover from it. It might also help you to find out more about emotions and how that plays a crucial role. 

Below, I have some overview sources that can start you off with a speed boost!


Very nice!


Hey Seyedi,,

I like your creative topic which you are about to present. Heartbreak can lead to appetite changes, lack of motivation, weight loss or weight gain, overeating, headaches, stomach pain, and a general sense of being unwell and other physical effects. Treating the effects of heartbreak while allowing the person to mourn the loss of a relationship can be a very tricky balance.

Am looking forward for your next post.

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