Hey, everyone today am talking about countries with high child trafficking.

.1 Belarus

 Criminals smuggle other victims to Poland, Turkey and various countries in Eurasia and the Middle East. The women seeking foreign employment in the adult entertainment and hotel industries often fall prey to sex traffickers.The presidential rule condemns mothers and fathers (who have had their parental rights revoked) to necessary labor; the government retains 70 percent of their wages.

2. Central African Republic (CAR)
Majority child trafficking victims in the Central African Republic (CAR) are citizens exploited within the country. Youthful women in urban centers are at great risk of being entered in the commercial sex trade. Traffickers pressure girls into marriages and force them into domestic servitude, sexual slavery and international sex trafficking.

The International Office of Migration has developed a community awareness campaign for at-risk communities and individuals to improve awareness of human trafficking. It especially targets internally displaced people  returnees and host populations in the Central African Republic (CAR).

3. China
 The traffickers subject men, women and children to forced labor and the sex trade. Traffickers target individuals with developmental disabilities as well as children whose parents have migrated to the cities and left them with relatives. There are also instances of abduction of African and Asian men to work under state-sponsored forced labor conditions on fishing vessels.

4. Eritrea
 Majority are young women and girls travel to Gulf States, Israel, Sudan or South Sudan for domestic work but instead find themselves victims of sex trafficking rings. The criminal groups kidnap vulnerable Eritreans living in or near refugee camps, particularly in Sudan.Groups of these crime syndicates then transport their captives to Libya and detain them for ransom. Eritrean military and police officers often abet trafficking crimes along the Sudanese border, thus maintaining Eritrea’s status as one of the worst countries for human trafficking.

5. Iran
Iranian criminal organizations reportedly subject women and children to sex trafficking, not only inside Iran but also in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR), Afghanistan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Europe.They target Iranian girls between the ages of 13 and 17 for trade abroad. Guard press the youngest girls into domestic service until their kidnappers deem them old enough for use in child sex trafficking.

6. North Korea

Government oppression prompts North Koreans to flee the country, making them vulnerable to human trafficking in destination countries. North Korea’s forced labor camps and death penalty fuel trafficking in neighboring China. Ironically, captured refugees returned to North Korea experience punitive action – labor camps or death.

7. Russia
Between 5 and 12 million migrants are working in Russia in conditions of slavery, in positions at garment factories, as public transport drivers, and in construction and agriculture. Russian officials facilitate the entry of migrants into the country for exploitation. Other officials receive bribes not to investigate human trafficking crimes.

8. Sudan

The law enforcement agents are often involved in, and profit from, child sex trafficking rings. The law prohibits the recruitment of children. However, youth remain vulnerable to recruitment and use as combatants by Sudanese non-governmental armed groups and militias.It is a favored route to Libya, as the porous border and lax security allow traffickers to operate with impunity across the region. Sudanese police and border patrol purportedly facilitate abductions of Eritrean nationals and permit the transport of potential victims across borders without intervention.

9. Syria

 The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) released public guidelines on how to seize, forcibly hold, and sexually abuse female slaves. This soldiers routinely subject women and girls from minority groups to forced marriage, domestic servitude, systematic rape and sexual violence.It requires Syrian girls to submit to virginity tests before selling them and transferring them to various Syrian provinces and other countries for sexual slavery. The displacement in Syrians continued to utilize smugglers to provide illegal passage to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea, putting the Syrians at risk of being trafficked.

10. Venezuela
 Those  that trafficked out of the Venezuela, 55 percent are adults, 26 percent are young girls and 19 percent are young boys. There are promises of high paying jobs, they instead are sent to countries in the Caribbean, where traffickers force them into the sex trade or domestic servitude.It continuously ranks as  the worst countries for human trafficking as they do little to prevent or punish trafficking. There is strict laws surrounding it, but the prosecution of the crime is rare. 

Here is a link:https://borgenproject.org/wors...r-human-trafficking/.

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Hi Priscilla, 

 It's interesting how you looked into countries around the world that still condone the atrocity of child trafficking. I didn't know the statistics for slavery and exploitation in Russia were so shocking in current time. If you're interested, you could look at how these countries policies have changed - if they've changed - in recent years. Or, you might be interested to look at the situation in one specific country and see if the government is doing anything about it. In most countries, the government definitely covers up the child trafficking issue to make others think that nothing is going on, when in reality, there are so many horrible things being done. 

 Good luck, I look forward to reading your next post!

Hi Priscilla,

Your topic as child trafficking is such an interesting one because it talks much about reality that happens in many countries as you have stated.

I understand that every country in the world is affected by human trafficking, whether as a victim’s original country, somewhere they travelled through or the destination.Children may find it hard to understand that what’s happening is abuse especially if they have been trained.

Children may not understand that child trafficking is an abuse and and they understand that they have done nothing wrong. They might think they played a part in their abuse or they're guilty of breaking the law.

Many children who have been trafficked may find it difficult to tell anyone what's happened to them. They may also tell their stories with obvious errors, inconsistencies or a lack of reality. Many victims of child trafficking don’t speak English.

I will be looking forward to your next post.

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Hello Pricsilla

    Ave been very keen reading your research where ave came to realize that child trafficking  is done globally. I think you can look at the differences of a given data in a given country compared with the previous one collected or rather you look at the similarities of given countries on the rate of child trafficking and maybe the step that the government have taken to solve the problem. Am really ready to look at the rest of your interesting research.


Here are the link that will help you if interested.


                                            https://www.integrityglobal.com/2014/06/child-                                                                trafficking-research-in-urban-kenya/
                                                                              Nice moments and good luck!

Hello Priscilla,

        I read your post on child trafficking and it was very captivating as I have been hearing of it but never took it seriously.From your post,I have learnt of the routes that the businesse are transacted and the countries where the business is rumpant. I would however recommend that  you to check out on what the governments are doing to deal with the issue.I was also wondering whether there are international laws and strategies that have been put in place to deal with the 'dealers.'

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