Corruption in Ethiopia 2018 is the misuse of resources by those who are in power for personal gain.Hi guys,it is for a very long time since we have not done anything towards the side of my topic but for now i am ready to do what is required for me and all of us to enable everyone to access on how the world of corruption and it elements and on how it is.

but for now my recent research was about how corruption has affected the world either negative or positive but according to me non of it is good or helpful to us because many of us are greatly suffering.for instance not all people are same in terms of money and other wealth and riches and this tells us that the rich ones are not the same level with the poor ones and for that reason that only the poor ones will going to continue to suffer because they don"t have money to offer as a bribe so that they can acquire benefit from it.

That why only the rich people will going to have benefit because they have money to afford to pay bribes and this end up having people to dis unite from the others and because of the dis unity caused by the rich and the poor it even brings a lot of poverty and many crimes such as theft due to lack of employment because employment is just suited for rich people.

Due to this even the country or the state develop wars and groups of terrorists because that the only solution for the poor people.But the government has tried a lot to curb corruption and the victim accused of doing the act.For example Ethiopia in 2018 and according to the news from Ethiopian media in September 5.2018 it stated the news as follows

Addis Ababa.5,2018 (Xinhua)

1.Ethiopia large anti-corruption has led to the sweep of and arrest of 5 suspects who were the senior officials of Ethiopia shipping and logistics (ESLSE).

2.Among the suspects were the deputy chief CEO of shipping sectors and the minister of finance head of ESLSE and also other 60 suspects were arrested and among the 60 suspects one of them is the great Ethiopian billionaire who was also arrested in the case of corruption.

Ethiopian government has taken a step aside to the large scale anti-corruption investigations and arrest of high profile agenda which started at the end of the 2016 because of the mass protest in different parts of the country.

(from Xinhua,Addis Ababa Saturday.) 

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Hey Moses,

Great research round on corruption in Ethiopia! You're dedication towards your inquiry question is admirable because I've noticed you have done over a dozen research rounds on corruption. A point that really stuck out to me was the "rich become richer due to their ability to bribe and the poor get poorer". The truth behind the statement is sadly true, people in the world are able to avoid paying taxes and benefit while the hard working middle class is forced to pay more to make up for losses. Perhaps you could research possible solutions to the issue, maybe a new government or looking at other countries solutions to corruption. Anyways great research round and here are some links on solutions. Good luck on your future rounds!

Hey Moses,

This is a great post! I like how you gave specific examples from a source and stated it. You also raised some really important points about the subject itself, and I liked the way your research was organized. You could take this research in many different directions from here; maybe you could look at how corruption has been prevalent in society since the dawn of civilization and what the psychology is behind that, looking into our motives for it.

Just a thought, here are some sources!

Good luck!

Hey Moses!

I really admire your dedication to this topic, it really chose through your writing and work.

here is site that has more information on the general corruption of Ethiopia.  I haven't gotten the chance to read your other posts on this topic yet, but if you have not written about the corruption of customs in Ethiopia more specifically i think it might be something interesting to take a closer look at!

Here is more information on current situation and the arrests of the 63 suspects that hopefully you find interesting and useful.

Good Luck/1

Hey Moses. I really admire your work and the research you did about Ethiopia is really amaizing.

In addition to what you have, I think corruption is also dragging the development of countries behind and that's why countries like Kenya were at the same economic level with Singerpore several years back but now they are miles behind Singerpore.

So, probably you could also do some research on how corruption affects development.Also it is good you find out whether Ethiopia itself is doing something to fight corruption... 

Anyway good work there. 

Hi Moses i like the way you have explained your topic 

i have learnt a lot from your post about  but still i don see anything about how to help stop corruption there is always a way we can help stop corruption though it is hard to completely stop the corruption at least we can reduce corruption in our countries so may be next you should try and check on ways to help in reducing corruption because like in some third world countries were every one want to be counted among the rich like the people who are in are working in the government offices sometimes steal the money that is supposed to be helping the citizens and use it for there personal gain 

and when the  people are ought they even get out with it since they are rich they only need to give some money"bribe" may be the following link will help you in your next post 

i will be waiting for your next post

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