Corruption And Poverty

Hi guys on my broaden your thinking part im going to focus on Francis' Corruption and poverty. Mostly im going to focus on African greedy leaders.

As we all know Africa is one of the continents which has a lot of natural resources but due to some of the leaders whom we elect make us to live the state that we are in now as Africans, the poverty line between the poor and the rick keeps on growing larger and larger.

There have been several cases of Leaders leaving  the offices with huge amounts of money in foreign banks for example the president of Ivory Coast Laurent G.Bagbo had retired having more than 24 billion dollars in a foreign bank.

Many of the citizens and people complained that he left the country in huge debt problems.

 What are some of the ways we as citizens can change and stop corrupt leaders.

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Hey Denis,

Great broaden your thinking! I never knew that Africa leaders could be very greedy. As you stated in your post, people with power like leaders have the ability to make may decisions to benefit themselves, but end up leaving the country in poverty. My question is do the people/ citizen's of Africa  get to vote for their leader or is it hereditary? I really like how you went deeper into both questions and connected them flawlessly.

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