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This time round am doing this broaden your thinking which I have been thinking  of it and how they connect to each other.Am doing a topic on how to solve a water problem in my school an Agnes Naserian did a topic on conservation of water through rain gardens.These two topics seem to be some how different but on the other hand they are related.

To connect these two am going to say that,water as liquid form cannot stay just anywhere on the ground without disappearing(evaporation,drainage)or getting bad(dirty,infections).All what it requires is to be well conserved and taken care of. Naserian describes the use of rain gardens and an doing a water-pan which is like a rain gardens.

A  rain garden is a planted depression or a hole that allows rainwater runoff from impervious urban areas, like roofs, driveways, walkways, parking lots, and compacted lawn areas, the opportunity to be absorbed. This reduces rain runoff by allowing storm water to soak into the ground (as opposed to flowing into storm drains and surface waters which causes erosion, water pollution, flooding, and diminished groundwater). They should be designed for specific soils and climates.The purpose of a rain garden is to improve water quality in nearby bodies of water and to ensure that rainwater becomes available for plants as groundwater rather than being sent through storm water drains straight out to sea. Rain gardens can cut down on the amount of pollution reaching creeks and streams.-Agnes.

And that's my broaden your thinking.


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Hey Newton, am much great full on your topic knowing that am not the only one that is  doing on such a topic. Conserving water is something that we all should be doing, as you have prefferd the use of rain gardens i will suggest you try the roof tops,Basically it catches rainwater and store it in underground or above ground tanks for later use. It can be a good method if only we make use of our knowledge to conserve rainwater during rainy seasons and store it to avoid the dry spells.

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