Hello everyone today I will talk about awareness..

Child trafficking is a offence that exploits girls and boys for numerous purposes  is  forced labor and sex. Child trafficking is profitable and often relate with criminal activity and corruption, it is hard to estimate how many children suffer, but trafficking and exploitation is an increasing risk to children around the world. Just after human trafficking occurs, children are often trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation like domestic servitude, agricultural work, factory work, mining or are forced to fight in conflicts.

Facts about Child Exploitation

215 million  of children  are engaged in child labor, with 115 million of those children in hazardous work are occasionally  sold by a family member or an acquaintance, therefore lured by false promises of education and a better life the reality is that these trafficked and exploited children are in slave conditions including without enough food, shelter, or clothing and often severely abused and cut off from all contact with their families. And many of these victims are girls.

  • Human trafficking it is a crime that exploits children
  • Every country in the world it is affected by human trafficking
  • 98% of sexually abused survivors they are women and children
  • 168 million children are in victims of forced labor

How Can We End Child Trafficking?

To Save the Children’s  and child protection experts work to combat child trafficking through prevention, protection, and prosecution. In order to maximize our efforts, we work with communities, local organizations and civil society, and national governments to protect children from being exploited, and to help restore the dignity of children who have survived. With your help, they can:

  • help livelihoods to help families avoid the need to have their children work.
  • increase awareness of trafficking, reducing the number of children being trafficked.
  • Retain survivors, and help them rebuild their lives.

           Safe unaccompanied refugee children, and keep them from the clutches               of traffickers.

Here i found a link:   https://www.savethechildren.org/us/what-we-         do/events/child-trafficking-awareness

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Hello Priscilla! 

  This was an interesting post, despite it being emotional and difficult to read. I think it's really important that you're looking into ways to end child trafficking, although I wonder if you might be interested in finding specific organizations that are working to end it. 

 Here is a link that might be helpful to you: https://www.worldvision.ca/sto...acts-and-how-to-help

 I'm interested to read more of your research! 

Hi Priscilla!

Wow, this was a really good round of research. Child trafficking is an issue that many are reluctant to talk about, but it's one that is very important. I liked how you first included some facts to contextualize the topic, then went further by talking about  prevention. Sophie's idea in the previous comment was interesting, to look into different organizations that are working towards preventing child trafficking. Maybe there are even ways that you can help support such organizations and work towards eradicating child trafficking. Good work!


Hi Priscilla,

Really good research! You don't hear much about child trafficking every day, but it's an important and relevant topic and I think it's great that you're both informing the public and providing possible solutions to the problem. It's heartbreaking to hear that child trafficking exists, even in today's world. I found it especially shocking that every single country in the world is affected by child trafficking, but I suppose it is true, whether or not we are aware of it. Maybe you could look into what the main reasons are that child trafficking happens, what areas have more child trafficking than other places and why, and various different solutions to end child trafficking.

Here are some websites you may find useful:




Good luck!

Hey Priscilla, 

As Sophie, Maiya and Jessica mentioned above, child labour is quite heartbreaking because every child deserves to feel safe and have freedom. The ever shocking number of 215 million children involved with child labour is upsetting and I'm glad you looked into the awareness throughout this research round. As I looked through your previous posts, I love how you have continued with this topic for a very long time because you can see the passion within your posts. Perhaps in your next round, you could look into the evolution of child labour. Meaning when it started and how it has progressed throughout the years. We can predict this awful occurrence has happened many years ago, but it could be interesting to learn about the history in order to perhaps end it. Anyways another great round of research and I look forward to reading your post!


Hi Priscilla

It is so sad to think of all the children suffering right now ! You have done a great job outlining such a complex problem,  a clear way to stop the exploitation and support those who have survived it.

It is a global problem, a global sickness, where money is valued  over humanity. Extreme poverty meets excessive wealth and breeds greed and exploitation.  We need to put more time in learning how we can help others rather than how we can be better than others or have more than others.   

This is more than a set of values it is  also a mind set that could be reinforced at school. Teach and practice compassion, reaching out and lifting up. Everyone wins when people are lifted out of poverty and people are supported to reach their potential. 

Maybe our school could adopt a school, where we support children and their families in need and increase our awareness as well as learn more about compassion and ways we can  make a world a better place for all of us.  This is a real  ME to WE movement.


Keep up the good work. 


Hey Priscilla, 

Great work! Your research was very informative and easy to read. Child trafficking is a subject that is very tabooed. Even online, there aren't a lot of articles about it, because it's done very discreetly in societies due to its extremely immoral principles. Something that would be worth researching is what factors in a society contribute or allow more child trafficking, and why this is. Good luck!

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