For next Wednesday (March 13), please post a reflection focusing on the process that you and group have gone through to decide on a volunteer action and make contact with that organization. What challenges did you face? How did you overcome them? What is your plan going forward?

Looking forward to reading your responses!

Ms. Martin and Ms. Stuart

Original Post

Hi everyone! 

During these past couple of weeks, me and Bogdan have been struggling to find a charity to support. At first, we attempted to participate in the Teen Mentoring program from Big Brother. As I mentioned in my last post in this discussion, I contacted Ms. John on Tuesday. Giving me a card, she told me to contact the following email. However, after me and Bogdan got together and wrote the letter, we were informed that the applications should have been done at the beginning of the school year. This is because it is a school year-round program. As a result, we decided to continue and support Big Brother’s vision through other actions.  

To overcome these challenges to find a new charity, we reflected on our past volunteer experiences. Firstly, we’ve always been enthusiastic about tutoring. We believe that when you are tutoring someone, it promotes the personal growth of that individual. Everyone deserves the right to be presented with the possibilities to pursuit positive activities, experiences and education to enrich themselves. Personally, I’ve taken the Peer Tutoring 11 course in this past semester and quite enjoyed it. Furthermore, I’ve volunteered at a tutoring program at library. It is called Parlez-Nous Français. It is a French homework and conversation club that assists French Immersion students from grades 1 to 6. From these past experiences, we concluded that we should pursuit similar activities to help promote Big Brother’s vision in our own ways. We have already applied and were accepted to two programs. Last Friday, Bogdan and I went to the math tutorial room to talk to the head of Math Tutoring. Until the end of the school year, I am now tutoring math on Mondays, and Bogdan is tutoring math on Tuesdays. We are tutoring different days because our schedules don’t line up. For example, I have a club meeting on Tuesdays. Nonetheless, in this past week, I also emailed the library that I tutored at before. We have found that there was another club we can join. It is called the Homework Help Club. It is on Wednesdays from April 10th to May 29th. I contacted the same person from the Parlez-Nous Français program, and after answering some questions, we were accepted. Going forward, we will be participating in these programs that we signed up for and play our part in the community by helping others. We will also be counting the amount of times we are going to volunteer at the Math Tutorial Room by putting it on our log. 

Thank you so much for reading my post, 


Hey everyone, 

As some of you may already know, I have been working with my partner @Jasmine Paduraru (Charles Best) for this activity as we shared common values (equality, compassion, helping) in the initial activity. At first, we researched local charities and organizations that matched our values, and after some search, we decided upon the SPCA as their main goal is to help animals in a compassionate way. Since I already volunteer there, I contacted the volunteer coordinator and explained this activity to him, asking for any opportunities he had in mind. He had a couple, which included fundraising, donations (animal toys, blankets, food, etc), involving more people in the volunteer program, and holding an advocacy event, which would be sort of an educational event for the school to raise awareness about the organization and what it does.

So far, we have not yet faced many challenges as we aren't very progressed this far down and it wasn't difficult to find an organization with the same values as ours or contact the manager about opportunities. However we have decided to move forward with our initiative once back from spring break. We hope to plan a small fundraiser/advocacy event which will raise money for the local branch, as well as collect any items that may be needed. This way, not only will we be raising money and items for the organization which will help the animals tremendously, but we will also raise awareness about the branch and about volunteering opportunities, which are also extremely important at the branch  

That's what we've done so far, thanks for following along!

Juliana Nunes


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Hey everyone,

My group and I have been struggling to find a charity to support that was aligned with our shared value, Personal Growth. We had originally wanted to do a fundraiser for the charity Jumpstart, but it was not an ongoing action, so we looked for another. NatureKids BC and Book Buddies were other options that seemed viable, but they weren't looking for any more volunteers, which posed some challenges to my group. 

We had wanted to do an action that helped kids learn and try new things, because we believe that as a child, we have a desire to express ourselves and trying new things is a great way to demonstrate personal growth.

However, due to our difficulty in finding a charity to support, I will be doing a different action than my group, which coincidentally is aligned with my inquiry project plan! I volunteer and will continue to volunteer at the Hoy Creek Salmon Hatchery, a local organization affiliated with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the City of Coquitlam. This action may not superficially seem to represent personal growth, but for me, it's a way to foster my passion for biology and I also get to educate the public about the importance of biodiversity in the community, which may inspire them as well. I have already started volunteering and will be doing so the rest of the semester

Thanks for reading!

Hey everyone!

My group (@Venus Seyedi (Charles Best)@Catherine Eckman (Charles Best), and myself) faced quite a few challenges when it came to our Values Assignment. Our groups value is equality. At first, we all assumed that finding an event that represents and fights for equality would be fairly easy. We thought about marching for women's rights or joining the pride parade by volunteering until we realized that these events have already happened and no other ones were coming up soon. After, we moved on to finding a charity that supported equality - we also thought that this would be simple.  However, most of the charities that claimed to focus on equality either did not have a very convncing message or did not offer any volunteer opportunites. We struggled a lot with finding a reputable charity until we came across a group called the YWCA.  They were the best by far.  We found a really interesting opportunity on their site to be a part of their youth council and we were really excited. Nevertheless, we found out after we applied that they weren't accepting anymore applicants at this time.  We had to completely scrap that idea and think of other ways to impact our value. 

Evidently, since the YWCA is no longer accepting applicants for their Youth Ambassador Program, we had to look elsewhere in order to find a way that we can make a difference. At first, we decided to apply for as many opportunities the YWCA offers. We thought, "Eventually, one of them will work out and accept us!" However, after speaking to Ms. Stuart and Ms. Martin, we decided to think a little more outside the box and stray away from a charity/organization altogether. So, we came up with a new plan.

With Ms. Stuart and Ms. Martin advice on thinking outside of the box, we ended up with a pretty cool idea. Our goal is to create a small group/club, where we can showcase the basics of equality (specifically gender equality) to younger students. We were debating on whether to speak to middle school students or elementary students. For now, elementary school seems to be the best option as it is at this age that stereotypes and prejeduce starts to make itself evident. So, because of their young age, we can introduce equality  to their fresh minds. With the permission of an administrator and the curiousity of these young children, we believe that our idea can impact many.

Hi everyone! 

Maiya, Kaley and myself were a group with Personal Growth as our shared value, but we have decided that we will be doing something else. My plan is to join Jim and Rhea with their action of Responsibility. At first, my group wanted to do a fundraiser for Canadian Tire's Jumpstart, but then we learned that our action needed to be something we could carry out through the rest of the semester, and Jumpstart did not have any current volunteer opportunities. We then found out about the Homework Help Club which is a club where high school students tutor kids from grades 1 to 6 at the Coquitlam Public Library, but when I contacted them on Friday, I received an email back informing me that they were already full unfortunately. I did more research to try and find other local charities or organizations that support personal growth, that high school students can volunteer for and that carries out through the rest of the semester, but I had difficulties finding any that fit all of those requirements. For that reason, in addition to my interest in supporting the environment as a responsible, global citizenI have decided that doing beach clean ups would be a good action to take.  

The plan is to be doing a couple of beach cleanups throughout the semester, supporting the Shoreline Clean Up Organization led by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Vancouver AquariumJim contacted them and they said that we’re good to go, and they’re quite flexible so we can go together on our own timeat whichevebeaches we wantFurthermore, both Rhea and I will be travelling to France this Spring Break, and while we’re in Normandy we will be doing a beach clean up, so that will be our first beach clean up of the semester and we will be able to reflect on that experience. Then later in the semester, we’ll do another one all together. 

I look forward to starting this action, and I hope that we will make a difference in the world. Thanks for reading! 

A challenge we faced was finding a charity and then contacting the charity.  We spent a while trying to find one that would allow us to start volunteering right away, as many charities wanted to start all their volunteers around the same time. We couldn’t really find any that would allow us to just start volunteering. Finally, Jim and I came across a charity called the Shoreline Clean Up Organization. Their main purpose to clean up trash on beaches and to keep environment of animals nice and clean.  Jim and I thought this would be a good charity to volunteer for because it represents our shared value, responsibility. After we contacted them, we had to wait quite a while to hear back, which was confusing for us as we didn’t know whether to find another charity or to wait for a response. Eventually, we did hear back but it was not for a while.

Now our plan going forward, we actually have Jessica joining us because her group struggled quite a bit with finding charities and eventually, they decided that they should all go their separate ways, so Jessica will be now apart of our group.

As for actually volunteering, Jessica and I are going to France next week where we will actually be doing a beach cleanup in Normandy, and that will be our first volunteer experience to reflect on.  For the second time, we haven’t quite fleshed out the details since it’s pretty far in advance but it will be some sort beach clean up here in Vancouver. Lucky for us, our charity is very flexible and we can go volunteer whenever we feel like, with as many people as we wish. We can make it a private group where it would just be us and possibly other people but only if we invite them. We also have an option to do a public one, where it basically becomes an event open to anyone who wants to participate and we get to host it whenever we want. We appreciate how flexible our charity is a lot because we are busy students with different schedules, all while trying to balance school into it; so it may be difficult for us to plan. However, since it’s so easy to volunteer with our charity and we aren’t limited to anything.

Hello everyone!

If you recall last last week Alison and I had decided to volunteer with Big brothers. Sadly, that didn’t really work out as we found out that it was a year-long program that required you join from the beginning of the year (September), so sadly that didn't work out. We still wanted to volunteer to the same effect though, in a place where we could assist others to grow or getting better as that’s all that personal growth is about. So thinking about that, the realization hit us that we could do that within the school, bonus we don't even need to travel somewhere out of our way to do so. So we decided to peer tutor for math after school, as math was a subject that we are both at least decent at enough that we could effectively help others. So last week we went to the math room to sign up, we didn't yet get confirmation that we could though until this Monday. Alison will be tutoring on Monday’s while I will be on Tuesday’s as that's what works best for both of our schedules. So far I have gone once and it was fairly enjoyable to do, so I think that once this year has finished I’ll sign up to do it next year as well.

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We also wanted to do something that was outside of school, so as to not just stay in the same place we always are; Alison suggested that we could sign up to help kids at the library as she had volunteered there previously. It sounded like a fantastic idea so we emailed them last week and so we are going there after school on Wednesdays from April 10th to May 29th.

Image result for library help

Hopefully, all goes well and we will have more to say about next time we report, we will be keeping track of what we are doing on the volunteer logs so that should help us slightly with being able to tell just what we have done for the next report.

Until next time   

Hello B-Effectors! 

The reflection Rhea had posted was our shared reflection, nothing too different. Posting just as a detailed extension from my side, everything @Rhea Manhas (Charles Best) said above was pretty much it! 

I contacted the organizer through email and they replied eventually. Our tentative plan is to formulate a date and time and location for the clean up each time we are going to do one. The person replied to me saying that it was alright as long as we set something up through their site which is completely fine.

The benefit of this group is that it is very flexible. There is no limits to the amount of people involved, when we want to do it, and where we want to volunteer cleaning up. We take the initiative to do this. It could involve other members of the public if we like. This avaliablity aspect allows us to work with our schedules and assist the organization in the best possible manner. More importantly, assist the nature around us as well. 

Our main struggle was finding out if it was okay to be in affiliation with this organization, whether we needed a new plan and how this project was going forward. Patience and waiting was the remedy to the situation. Now that we know we have the green lights, we are planning to do our first charity volunteer work over break. I was just told today that Jessica is joining our group which will be a great addition to the team. 

The current plan right now is this. Over break, Jessica and Rhea are going to be cleaning up a shoreline in Europe at a certain time. I will handle a cleaning session over break as well locally and we will have separate posts and reflections on that, Rhea and Jessica and mine. 

Locations we may go clean:

  • Mundy Park
  • Como Lake
  • Vancouver Beaches
  • Rocky Point 

Image result for mundy park lakeImage result for como lake coquitlamImage result for vancouver beaches

Additional plans:

We may host a fundraiser of some sort in the community or event. This will be to help with environmental efforts. I will contact the person in charge if this would be a viable option for them to accept when we go near this objective

Also, I am in the club and in contact with our Environmental club at school so we may collaborate with them in the future as well to do some clean ups after school or so! Getting the rest of our community involved would be a great way to share the responsibility around the school. 

That's all! 



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Hello everyone,

As a team, Lauren and I have finally decided to volunteer at the Port Moody Winter Farmer's Market because of our shared values of tolerance and helping. At this volunteer opportunity, we would be helping to run the market itself, which would aid local farmers and vendors. We will most likely be helping with the kids' programs and them helping to clean up the market. Additionally, we would probably be helping kids receive the greatest fulfillment from these events, inspiring an interest in farming and food from a young age. We will personally benefit greatly from the experiences we will gain and from the knowledge that we are helping to inspire another generation of vendors, inventors, and farmers.

Image result for port moody farmers market

The charities we were interested in, such as the Seniors home and Farmer's Market, were chosen due to the variety of people we could be helping. Lauren and I were very driven to directly help other people or animals. We have emailed Sarah, the volunteer coordinator, this week and hope to be active volunteers by the beginning of April. Throughout this selection process, we had some struggles with selecting a specific charity because our values gave us unlimited options. Not to mention the difficulty of finding an opportunity that fit both of our busy schedules, meaning the hours and days had to be flexible. Another issue we faced was the volunteer process itself for many of our charities/organizations themselves. For example, we chose not to volunteer for the city of Coquitlam as the process to be allowed to do so would take too long. Additionally, we had difficulty contacting some of the organizations we were initially interested in working with. To overcome these issues, we decided to narrow down our value to directly helping people locally and to choose an organization that does not have an excessively length interviewing process. In the near future, we see ourselves being active volunteers for the Port Moody Farmer's Market and continuing our volunteering for the rest of the semester, perhaps even into the summer. We would volunteer on Sundays in the morning for a few hours.

Joanna and Lauren


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Me and @Juliana Nunes (Charles Best) shared all the same values (compassion, caring, and helping) when we first took the values test. Since we both shared the same values, it wasn't very hard to find an organisation that was right for both of us. We chose the BCSPCA because we both wanted to help animals, and the BCSPCA because they help animals in a compassionate and caring way, which works perfectly with our values. Juliana has previously volunteered there, so she contacted the volunteer coordinator and explained the activity to him. He gave us a few ways to help the organisation which I think are very helpful. The first way was planning a school fundraiser to raise money for the BCSPCA. Another event he mentioned was collecting donations for the animals. They accept all sorts of things, like animal toys, blankets, and food. And lastly, he told us about advocacy events, where we could raise awareness for the BCSPCA and try to get people interested in volunteering and helping out. I think all of these options are really cool, and I am excited put them into action. 

We haven't really ran into to many obstacles because we aren't very far with our research at this point. We have decided to start after spring break, and we will be planning a fundraiser event, where we will also be raising awareness for their cause and organisation. Another thing we are planning on doing was accepting donations for the BCSPCA, because it's something that doesn't require much effort but can have a big impact.


Jasmine :-)

Hi everyone!

jessica,Maiya and I were a group with Personal Growth as our shared value, but collectively we have decided that we will be doing something else. our plan now is to join Jim and Rhea with their action of Responsibility. At first, my group wanted to do a fundraiser for Canadian Tire's Jumpstart, but then we learned that our action needed to be something we could carry out through the rest of the semester, and Jumpstart did not have any current volunteer opportunities. We then found out about the Homework Help Club which is a club where high school students tutor kids from grades 1 to 6 at the Coquitlam Public Library, but when jessica contacted them, she received an email back informing me that they were already full unfortunately. as a group we did more research to try and find other local charities or organizations that support personal growth, that high school students can volunteer for and that carries out through the rest of the semester, but I had difficulties finding any that fit all of those requirements. For that reason, in addition to my interest in supporting the environment as a responsible, global citizen, my group as well as i have decided that doing beach clean ups would be a good action to take.  

The plan is to be doing a couple of beach cleanups throughout the semester, supporting the Shoreline Clean Up Organization led by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Vancouver Aquarium. apparently Jim has contacted them and they said that we’re good to go, and they’re quite flexible so we can go together on our own time, at whichever beaches we want.

I look forward to starting this action Thanks for reading!


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