Chapter Two, Arthur

I stood up and looked around. Where was I? Where was Andrea?

Andrea?” I called out. I began to walk around, the only sound was gravel crunching beneath my foot. “Andy?”


I spun around to find Andrea, leaning against a old fashioned cottage as if nothing was wrong. “How many times have I told you to stop calling me that?”

My eyes began to sting with tears of relief as I ran towards her, swooping her up into a bear hug. “You're okay,” I whispered.

Um... yeah. Are you?” Andrea asked, backing away.

Fine. Where are we?”

She shrugged. “Beats me.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Seriously? You get transported by a misty portal in the middle of our forest, into this old fashioned town, and you haven't explored?” I asked. “Who are you, and what have you done to my sister?”

She laughed. “I have explored, I just don't know where on the map we are or what this place is called.”

Have you found any people?”

Yeah. I don't know what's going on, but everyone is dressed up for the Medieval Ages,” she said. “You know, like in dad's museum?”

As if Andrea summoned him, a boy about my age turned the corner and stared at us. He had floppy light brown hair and wore a dirty tunic, pants and boots. “Hello,” he said in a light, English accent. “I heard your voices from behind the building. How may I help you, strangers?”

Um... we're a little lost,” I said. “Could you tell us where we are?”

Of course. We're in London, England.”

Andrea and I gaped at him. “What?” she said.

We're in London, England,” the boy repeated. “My name's Arthur.”

We looked at each other. “How did we get to England?” I asked.

Beats me,” Andrea and Arthur said at the same time.

Now it was Arthur's turn to stare at us. “Say, are you performers? What type of clothes are those?”

We looked down. Regular clothes? Paintball clothes? Go-practice-archery-in-the-woods-while-our-parents-fight clothes? I thought.

Um... we're tailors,” Andrea said suddenly.

I looked up at her. What? I mouthed.

She carried on, ignoring me. “We're tailors and we were experimenting with new... outfits. I was designing something for horse riding and my brother was styling a new set of...” she looked at me, scanning me up and down. “armour.”

Arthur slowly nodded, looking at both of our outfits. “But why are you wearing your new clothes now?”

We... got mud on them! On our regular clothes,” I quickly said. “We had to throw them out, but these were the only clothes we had, so... yeah.”

I have some spares, if you want them,” he offered. “They're a little messy, but they're sure to fit,” Arthur turned to Andrea. “I'm sure I can find you some lady's clothes, Miss...”

Andrea,” she answered. “And thank you.”

And I'm Logan,” I said, extending my hand.

Arthur shook it, leaving a bit of dirt on my hand. “Please, follow me. I'll get your clothes.”

We followed him through the town, getting strange glances from the towns folk. Everyone was dressed in Medieval garb, and I was wondering if there was some sort of event going on. But Arthur had acted as if he'd never seen our clothes before...

Please, wait here,” Arthur said, interrupting my train of thought. We were in some sort of courtyard. “I promise I'll be right back, I just need to speak to my cousin, Kay.”

Something about that name tugged the memory strings at the back of my head. Arthur... Kay... Medieval...

So...” Andrea said, sitting down on a rock as soon as Arthur was gone. “He seems nice.”

I sat down next to her, taking in the scenery. Old cottages, old bakeries smelling of fresh bread, old blacksmith shops... it was something out of time. “I suppose so, if not a little weird.”

She looked at me. “What do you mean?”

Did you hear him? He acted as if he had never seen our clothes before.”

Maybe he hasn't.”

Maybe he hasn't?” I repeated, my voice rising. “What are you implying? That this is his first time outside? The people acted the same way too! Are you saying this is London's first time outside?”

Andrea stood up, facing me with a furious expression. “In case you didn't notice, I saved our butts back there, saying we were tailors! If I didn't do anything, we could have been thrown in jail, or something! You saw how he was acting towards us!”

By lying?” I asked, getting my voice under control. “You shouldn't have lied to him, Andy.”

She didn't respond, not even to tell me off for calling her Andy. She was staring at something behind me, open mouthed.

What?” I asked, turning around. “What is—”

I stared at the monument behind me. Anyone would have know what it was.

It was a large stone with an anvil sitting on top. Inserted inside, was a large, magnificent sword.

Arthur... Kay... Medieval... Sword... Stone.

I suddenly knew where we were. Andrea knew it too, no doubt.

We were in the Medieval Ages, before King Arthur was king. The Arthur we just met.

We were staring at the Sword in the Stone.

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Hi Natalya,

I have fallen in love with your story. As I had previously said, I love your style. Reading your chapters leave me craving for more. I was wondering, how did you choose the names for the characters? I know that some writers choose names that have a certain meaning or importance and I was wondering if this was true for you as well. Please update your story soon!

Hi Natalya,

Really great story, I'm hooked right in on the first chapter. Can't wait for you to write more. I think this is a great independent project and unique as well. I like the style of the story as well, you gave your characters distinct personalities. the second chapter ended in a great hook as well, it makes me want to read the third one to see how Authur will become the King and what will Andrea and Logan do to contribute to that process. 

Good luck,

Grace Sun


 Hi Natalya! 

 I finally got around to reading your second chapter! Yes! I know this is really late but I loved it! 

 Your story has some really nice descriptions. I can really see it unfolding and the events taking place right before me. Your word choice really fits the style too. I feel like I could read this completely out of context and know it was you who wrote it! 

 If you're looking for suggestions, I would say maybe make Logan a little more fearful that he's wound up in this other realm. Andrea seems like the more outgoing, explorative type, so it's natural that she might be braver than him, but if that's the case, maybe make it a little more evident that Logan is afraid. 

 Your dialogue flows really well, and you've created two very likeable protagonists. Well done! 

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