Chapter Eight, Rightful Ruler

I heard light footsteps coming from around the corner, light like a child's. I grabbed Andrea's hand and yanked her behind a building.

Why are we hiding? It could be Kenna,” Andrea whispered. She made a move to go back to where we were, but I tightened my grip around her arm.

What if it isn't?” I quietly said. “What if it's a guard? Or the smithy? People are looking for me now, you know. I had to escape from my room to get to you.

She looked at me in awe. “You... you did?

I nodded. The footsteps had stopped now, but I could still hear the person talking to himself. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but that voice was... familiar...

Andrea gasped and flung herself out into the clearing, figuring out who it was. “Arthur!”

I followed after her. Sure enough, Arthur was standing right there with Andrea chatting with him. He looked up and his whole face lit up when he saw me. “Logan! Andrea found you!”

I walked over. “Hey, Art. Good to see you again,” I looked at him from top to bottom. “Hold on... what were you doing in the forest?”

His eyes widened. “How did you know I was in the forest?” he asked, sounding panicked.

I grinned. “Your shoes are soaked, there's mud and grass stuck to your trousers, and...” I laughed, untangling a small branch from his dirty blond hair. “I believe this gave it away.”

He let out a chuckle. “I don't know... I didn't notice it.”

Andrea grinned at both of us. “I sent Art out to find the circle of Stones that brought us here. You remember, right?”

I nodded. How could I forget? I was so terrified that I had lost Andrea forever after the mist swallowed me up.

Did you find it?”

Arthur nodded. “You bet. It's in the woods right behind the buildings here,” he turned to me. “I hope you'll explain to me what your sister was talking about. She was very strange and insisted that I could not go into the circle at all costs.”

Unfortunately, I can't. Sorry, Art.”

He shrugged. “It's fine. Now, Andrea, you promised me you'd find a sword for Kay? He gets rather grumpy if he finds out I lost it.”

I glanced at Andrea. Sword? Is she tricking him into finding the Sword in the Stone? I never liked tricking or lying, but we had to set the past right. “Yeah... Kenna's getting it now.”

As if I had summoned her, the blond-haired girl turned the corner and, with a sheathed Excalibur in her hands, gaped at Arthur. “Art?” She asked. “What in the name of the barley stew are you doing here?”

He stared at her. “I... I was helping Logan and Andrea find a way home. Is that the sword they said I could give Kay?”

Kenna's eyes flicked to me and I nodded furiously. “Y-yes,” she said slowly. “Here you go, Art.”

Thanks, Kenna.”

She smiled politely. “How many times have I told you not to tell me that? Only my father calls me by my middle name because it used to be my mother's. Call me Guinevere, my first name.”

Andrea looked at me purposefully. Guinevere, she mouthed at me, practically buzzing. Soulmates.

Okay... well, we've got to go. Thanks Art, thanks Ken—I mean Guinevere. See ya!” I called, dragging Andrea away and into the woods. Once there, we exchanged a glance, then hid behind two trees to listen to the rest of the conversation.

Guinevere, why's your hair wet? It wasn't raining.”

Long story, involving jumping out of the king's bedroom and into the moat.”

Arthur laughed. “Well, it's a long walk to Kay's place... I've got time.”

Guinevere grinned. “Lead the way.”

I turned away from the romantic scene and stared at Andrea. She smiled at me. “That's done,” she said. “Now we go home.”

We turned and, hand in hand, began to walk to the barely-visible stone circle we came here through. I pulled Andrea into a noogie and rubbed her head. “That was fun,” I confessed. “But I'm not saying we should do it again anytime soon...”

She broke out of my grip and lightly punched me in the arm. “While you were trapped in a luxurious golden bedroom the size of our neighbourhood, just wait until you get trapped in a moulding dungeon!”

We laughed together, as if a weight was finally off both of our shoulders. “Now...” I said, stepping into the circle. “let's go home.”

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That's a great article i really like how you explain things vividly and that catches my attention all through the story.I like this statement most "What in the name of the barley stew are you doing here?”

i would suggest that after the article you try working on the comments you got from your previous post ,

happy holidays


Hi Natalya!

 I agree with Sarnaver, the line “what in the name of barley stew” was really funny. I also like the way you revealed the Kenna is Guinevere. That was an interesting take on the character. 

 I thought in this chapter you wrote a really convincing story arc and the chapter moved along really well. One thing I would consider is describing your locations and settings. You had some great descriptions of settings in the first few chapters and I’d love to see that come through in this one. Plus, that would also be an advantage for the reader, since it would slow the pacing down just a bit and give them time to process what’s happened. 

 Your story has a lot of action and suspense! The dialogue is great as well. Keep it up! 

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