Challenges and benefits of technology evolution

Hey guys ,as i promised in my earliest post i will be looking on the challenges and benefit of technology.

The development of technology have  affected in various way in people work and lives technology like robotic and internet have brought various changes like in education  as i looked in my last blog .

Today i will look at the challenge and benefits of technology evolution. I will start `off with the challenges

Challenges of technology in education.


  • Space cost


This  is the laboratory space and computer labs


  • Time  cost


It cost time and money to keep on increasing instructors enlightened on the advances in information of technology evolution .


  • Financial cost


This is the cost of network hardwares and softwares and the cost of computers.

Benefits of technology in education.

  • Greater access to information for student and researchers
  • Improved learning
  • Technology makes a learner education more interactive
  • Increased productivity like a computer grading.

Challenges of technology faced in healthcare industries

Technology has created a notable wave of change in healthcare despite that there is also some challenges.

  • There is challenge of data explosion and strict regulation in terms of environment.
  • Through the investment in technology there is lack of communication among the healthcare system.
  • The eruption in digital data.
  • Security and privacy risk
  • The increased cost of health care
  • Installment  of the software and connection to the internet it create overreliance to the accuracy and which can lead  to serious errors and the patient may contain a false information .

Benefits of technology in healthcare

  1. Through the technology like the electronic health care have improved health facilities
  2. Lead to career choices such as surgical technologist
  3. Through technology there is a potential advantage of storing patient records electronically  and easy to access to care.

Challenges of technology in transport and communication


  • Challenges in transport system


Through technology there is great and most significant improvement  in transport ,like the self driving cars .

  1. One of the challenges is shortage of skill
  2. Lead to job loss;like the new inventions of robot and self driving cars

Benefit of technology in transport

  1. Through computers and software there is more effective and easily for drivers to communicate
  2. Technology have also benefited in the allowance in greater reliability for companies thus reducing the breakdowns
  3. Through technology there is improvement in security.

Challenges in communication

  • Low literacy in the new  technology like the ICT
  • Instability of electricity power
  • Low internet speed and network coverage
  • Poor ICT infrastructure
  • Challenge of funding to get through the communication effectively

Benefit of technology in communication

  • Since when the technology was invented (1860s)we have more improvement and advancement in terms of communication like the social medias which we did not  have in the past.Through the technology we have ;
  • Choices on how to communicate
  • Ingress to more information
  • The nature of communication  has changed to different styles of communicating
  • Less barriers compared to the past way of communication

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Great post Nasib! 

You were very detailed when explaining how technology has positively and negatively challenged us in different areas. You could possibly look into how technology is taking away jobs in many areas of work, such as self-checkouts replacing cashiers. Here are some links if you are interested

hello Nasib,,

am very much interested with your topic about technology,you have also educated us on how technology and also whether it is bringing  a lot of benefit.but technology has brought more harm then benefit on our lives today more than it has brought are also supposed to tell us why the technology has brought more harm than benefits.

am now looking forward for your next research.

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