Hello everyone!This inquiry has been very nice to me.I need to do another project concerning cancer.I have learned from this inquiry and all of your lovely comments and suggestions.
-How project influenced my thinking:I have really learned why many youths are engaged in HIV/AIDS.When i am reading,i encourage the youths to choose the right friends.
-challenges:I kept thinking on what to research about and where to start.
-I hoped that my work was clear when going through them and the youths have already gained knowledge on how to protect themselves.

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Hey @Hannah Wairimu (Sweetwaters)

Congratulations on celebration of learning! I am so glad this research for you was great! Hope you learned a lot like we all did as we read your posts. Whether it was about HIV or other diseases Seems like it has inspired you to continue on to the topic about cancer! 
I have had to extend or branch out on my topics because it was so interesting in the past. Cancer, is a huge topic to look into for sure! 

It was really cool to see what challenges you had to face. We all have our own types of areas to overcome. 

  • Ideas to help you find out what to do for research is have an open mind and find out the answers you are trying to search for. The project plan is a great way to fall back on and I know people commenting can help you find somewhere to research!

Keep it up! 

Hey Hannah!

Congratulations on completing this cycle of research! I have followed your recent round of research about cancer, and you have consistently done a really good job. Regarding where you are going to take this research next, as you had said you wanted to continue researching cancer, you could look into other diseases that are cancer-like, but have a cure then see how the treatment between cancers and cancer-like diseases differs. Just a thought! Good luck with your future research, I'll be sure to check it out!

Hi Hannah!

Congratulations on finishing your cycle of research and answering your inquiry question! It has been a very interesting and informative ride - I've read all your rounds of research and I can confidently say that you've done a great job. You tackled a really big topic and I think you did a good job of splitting up each round. Even though you said deciding what to research next proved to be a challenge for you, you did a great job of overcoming it. 

Great job, again and I look forward to reading about your next cycle! 

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