Hi everyone, today am talking about the source of child trafficking.........

  1. Economic factors

Force entreat is a profitable practice in which exploiters are motivated by economic incentives. Most severe cases networks of children forced to beg may generate for the profiteer. Anti-Slavery International asserts that because this incomes relatively high many families believe it is the best option available given the lack of existing capabilities

        2.Political factors

Force entreat is commonly found in the Middle East and countries of West Africa, where laws prohibiting begging are scarce and heavy regulation of trafficking absent.. Many nations,  have laws against begging on the books, but the repercussions for such entail temporary detainment and eventual release back onto the streets, which does little to combat the issue.

    3.Cultural factor

  Inherited networks of beggars have been documented across three generations, making it deeply ingrained within their survival . Transportation of children, even one's own, for the purposes of exploitation through begging and cultural practice is the resolution of familial debts through the kidnapping and exploitation of one of their children.

   4. General abuses

 The process of maiming, popularize, is common given that according to the Buffalo Human Rights Law Review children with apparent special needs . In addition to infliction like blindness and loss of limbs, other physical abuses for the purposes of heightening profits include pouring chili pepper on a child's tongue to give the appearance of impeded speech, the use of opium to elicit cries, and administering forced injections of drugs that will increase a child's energy and alertness.

  Begging takes place commonly expose children to further physical and verbal abuse .Research completed by Human Rights Watch revealed that when begging hours are completed for the day children often do not have proper shelter, adequate food, or access to healthcare where they reside.Many of the gangs which run networks of forced begging have heavy drug involvement, therefore, the children under their control are often turned into drug addicts in order for them to become further reliant on their exploiters.

    5.Long-term implications

 Children are forced into begging primarily receive little to no education, with upwards of sixteen hours a day dedicated to time on the streets.[34] With education being a leading procedure in escaping poverty child beggars have been shown to engage in a cyclical process of continuing this practice cross-generationally.  Those who work on the streets typically have little or no knowledge of their rights, leaving them especially susceptible to exploitation both as juveniles and later as adults.Children who beg have also been found  to have much higher instances of HIV-infection due to lack of awareness and supervision on the streets.


7.Lack of education.

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Hey @Priscilla Muthoni (Sweetwaters)

Woah it's really cool to see you do this research! Really interesting to read this with the background information in my mind from my research I did back in November 2016. It is a very sad that this happens but unfortunately all we can do is try to make changes. There are people who try like Ashton Kutcher and his team. Take a look! See what is being done to try to help this saddening cause.

It was also very cool how you divided your points up into different factors - Economical Political etc. 

If you like to take a look at the Sexual Exploitation aspect of this topic, Link Here My posts can be opened from the numbers you want to click.

For something to look into for this topic for you, you could research what kind of solutions we have to prevent and lower this! 
Aside from the photo above, there's these of USA and Canada plans to do so.

Keep it up! 


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Hello Pricsilla...

      You have actually undertaken a good research where by even your good flow of your points makes the topic to become very easy to understood. Its a well phrased work  keep it up!                                                                                                          Av seen and learnt a lot from your research since you have added to my little knowledge about the concept. Its really touching since we can actually hear from every corner of the world and especially in Africa how the child have become just like an enemy if I may say, to the community since his energy has reached to an extent of being exchanged with the material things which is inhuman.

                               Av enjoyed to read your work keep it up. Also  i'll keep following your interesting topics.  Nice Moments!  



Apparently, this topic, somewhat induces some emotional scramble as far as civilization of humanity is concerned. Because its surprisingly and totally wrong to "modernize slavery" and sneak human beings to other countries illegally for any reason whatsoever, and these reasons, obviously defy the basic rights of the victims which I can say they posses by default. It might be an underworld business, where innocent lives have been lured, forced or by use of fraud found themselves into torture and the bondage of unthinkable hardship. Well, this is way too much enough to question the maturity of our civilization because I think that essentially, any form of slavery was abolished decades of years ago and fought so hard that the world today has no platform of exhuming the latter. 

Do victims of human trafficking have a basic comprehension of what happens? Can we identify a human-trafficker? How easily can one access dependable help in case of related trouble. 

Should you consider looking at some of these questions in the future posts, you might find the link below helpful.

Hi Priscilla!

This is such an important topic, and one that seems to not want to be talked about openly by people.  I think people try to just hide the words issues by not talking about them, maybe they think that if they don't recognize their existence than they won't be real to them.  I really appreciated the organization of your works, it was easy to read and comprehend and pleasing to the eye.

I think something you could look into more as it gets mentioned quite a bit it the beggers.  Lookinginto the numbers of just how many kids are out there right now living this way. 


A more heartbreaking aspect you could look into is sexual abuse role in child trafficking.

some questions you could consider are when this all started? how has it changed? what are the possible ways of helping the kids in these situations? How do we catch child traffickers?

Good luck!

Hi Priscilla, 

I think it's great you've put your time towards this important topic. Learning about this as a child and growing up reading true stories upsets me a lot. It is something many of us don't pay much attention to, when we really should. However,I also enjoyed your organization in your research, so it is even more captivating to read.

For your future rounds of research, I would look into the organizations developed against child trafficking. This way, we could analyze other's perspectives on this subject and what they want to do about it. 

Here's some sources I found! 


Good luck!

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