C7 Inquiry Project Plan: Societal Norms

Hey everyone!

Here is my project plan for my new cycle of research. I'll be taking a completely different route than I did last cycle; my research will now be focused on social norms. My new inquiry question is:


Why do we develop social norms and what is their influence on society?

 I'm really excited to pursue this topic because I think that there's a lot of different aspects to them and different examples, some of which have been controversial in our society. 

For my first round of research, I will be focusing on:

- what are social norms

- defining the two types of norms

- their history/origins in civilisations

-examples of social norms

For round two, my main focuses will be:

- how are they impacted by culture

- what causes them to become prevalent in society

- why do we adhere to them

Finally, I will look at:

- the pros and cons of their influence

- when do they cause problems in society

- why are they necessary

Here are some potential sources that I can use for my research:






I will be posting my first round of research two weeks from now! If anyone has feedback or comments on where I should take my research, please comment below!

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Hi Maiya!

It's fascinating how much influence social norms have on us. Whether we notice it or not, they affect how we behave every single day. I wonder how they come about and why we feel it's so important to follow them? 

Here's a couple of websites you can use for your research:



I look forward to reading what you find out!

 Hi Maiya! 

 I like the sounds of this. It's fascinating to see how social norms have developed and changed over the years, and it's also interesting to see where they come from. Why do we even have them anyway? And it's also interesting to take into consideration what different cultures consider as social norms. 

 I think you could find a lot with this project. Here is a link that may be helpful: 


 Good luck! 

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