C2 Broaden Your Thinking: Plane Crashes and Memories

My inquiry question for my second cycle is “how are our memories affected by different aspects of our environment?" For the Broaden Your Thinking post for this cycle, I have decided to compare my research subject with Paul Kagiri’s topic which is “plane crashes.” In his research, Paul explores the causes of such crashes and is finding ways to prevent them. To connect our different focuses, I have created the following statement:

Human actions and environmental factors determine the success rate of any given event. Plane crashes and memory recall works in the same manner. The success of an aeroplane’s flight and the level of accuracy in memory recall are dependent on human activity and other factors in our surroundings.

          Some plane crashes are accidents while others are caused intentionally. Memories can also be tampered intentionally or subconsciously. To be able to gain some control over these topics, one must understand the elements that leads to the result and categorize these factors. It is an important part of Paul’s and my research to learn about the many different steps that lead to our inquiry topics. 


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Hi Nazaha!

You've made a very interesting connection here;

Something as internal as the mind to something as material as a plane is a relation most people would not think to be. I really look forward to your research, and am so excited to see what you find!

I found a Nova documentary that may provide some information as to how memories can be tampered with, hope it helps!


All the best!

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