C1RR2: Work Communication Attitudes

Round 2: The New Ways and Attitudes of Work

This research round will be exploring the different ways work can be done in the modern day. While technology has improved how have we coped with it? What new ways has society come up with to adapt these technologies?

One popular way of working nowadays is working from home. This varies from each industry of course, but it is most popular with information tech, marketing, education, and sales. Working from home wouldn't be as viable before as it is now because of high-speed communications. 

Working from home changed the way teams could collaborate. Drawing from my personal experience, when I lived in the Philippines my father worked from home. His boss lived in Canada, and he had colleagues from Canada, the US, the UAE, and the Philippines. His line of work was mostly on the computer creating and running a website that was popular among many. This level of cooperation is tough to achieve without the internet.

 With the internet, it's much easier for employers to communicate with employees. But that has its drawbacks. What has developed now is an "always-on" culture that can have negative effects on workers. As people become more connected, they start to disconnect from themselves. Work starts to take over a little too much and begins controlling everyday life. Workers feel pressured to be always available for fear of being left behind. It deprives the person of individuality as their focus starts to only be set to work. People who work from home have their workplace and home in the same area, which removes the boundary between work and home.

What is interesting is that while people can get too connected, the internet provides more freedom in the ability to present one's self. For example, Facebook: employers can check regularly what their employees are up to. Some are using cellphone GPS to track their employees' whereabouts. Collaboration programs like "Slack" can help teams collaborate These are signs that our technology for communication is making its way into our everyday lives. It is being integrated more and more. 

An interesting book I found out about is called "Sleeping with Your Smartphone" by Leslie A. Perlow. The book talks about disconnecting one's personal life from work while still maintaining a healthy balance between the two.

This concludes the second research round. Thank you for reading!

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Something interesting I read which I think raises issues on tracking employee smartphones. I find the article quite humorous!


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Hey Gabriel!

Funnily enough, I could definitely relate to your research because a few of my family members work from home! The separation of your home life and work life can prove to be difficult because they are both in one space, like you said. Personally, I would love to read more about the book "Sleeping With Your Smartphone." Maybe finding a link between an excess use of technology and a decrease in work performance may prove to be interesting.

Here are some sources that may help:



Good luck with your upcoming posts!


That's interesting topic to work on especially now that technology is being embraced in all parts of the world and in most fields ,not only in today's job but also its improving the learning system,even though it has shortcomings its making work easier.when i read you topic,,(work communication attitude) . i thought it would be about communication skills at work place,but i found your approach really interesting.

in our country Kenya, use of technology at  work is a new thing since the country is still developing but its being embraced at high rates especially in businesses. was really interesting watching 'sleeping with your smart phone'. looking forward to your next post.


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