Am really interested in following the inquiry topic about myths of lung cancer.My cycle will be based on Roba`s topic.In this topic i have been able to identify the myths and misconception about lung cancer.The points i quoted talks about lung cancer only happens in older adults,in which it was used to happen in the past.But today it can happen to anyone including teens.I also quoted a  point that says breast cancer kills more women than lung cancer which it is true because quite number of women in the world use some drugs to bleach themselves without knowing some of them might be dangerous to their body and they can cause death.Nice work Roba,you have done a good job on identifying myths of lung cancer.I believe we as humans can learn more through his project,and i appreciate him for this reason.
Good Work!

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Hey @Hannah Wairimu (Sweetwaters)

A nice burn summary! Its really cool and great as students and members of society to pursue aspects where misunderstood ideas could be found. Even as things we may know all of our lives may not be even correct. Eliminating that bias in your research is really nice! Roba has interesting information as well. 

Keep it up both you! 

Hello Hannah!

Great job on your burn summary! I think it's great that you are interested in the myths associated with lung cancer - I also saw that you briefly mentioned the bleaching of skin among women. I think this would be a great topic for a future cycle if you are interested in it!

Here are some sources about the bleaching of skin:

Good luck and great job!

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