And hello, it is summer, definitely heating up and that involves the word GALAXY, so this is another Burn (optional)! Today i'll be talking about @Jordan Macharia (Thome)'s research, which his posts are titled "The Galaxy". 
His project plan can be found here: http://www.pa-mojabutterfly.co...ject-plan-the-galaxy

Inquiry question: Is there life other than that of the one found in the earth on the solar system?

"Hello every one, today I intend to talk about a dwarf planet. In my second last research which was on Pluto, on the replies there was a suggestion that I look at the other dwarf planets as I conclude the research on the solar system." -Jordan

Interestingly i found he started off with dwarf planets! You gotta start somewhere, but i am sure i wouldn't have thought of dwarf planets to be my first narrowing point. 

Jordan's research hits the question of what people ask and can ponder about- and i've came across the question lots as well. This is a topic which also has two sides- 

Pro or Opp, oh and maybe the neutral that doesn't care. 

As he says, he is linking his research from the past to his current one. While changing the topic, he still stays within one, so if he was to sum up a big presentation of this years's research, a good portion would be under say, "Space". This could be intentional or non-intentional. Cool! 

I'm sure he learnt a lot from his research, as i learned quite a bit on his! He did a good job of putting links into his words to give us more information on certain things!

My personal view for the inquiry question? I think it is possible. Sure could be rare. But two reasons if i must say, one, if we on earth are possible in this universe, then it can occur somewhere else if this universe is so big. Chances are high. Which goes to second point, its a really big place.. 

Visual idea is this, a cactus in 10 meters by 10 meters box, there probably isn't another cactus around in that box. But if that box was 200,000 meters by 200,000 meters, then within that, there is bound to be more than a cactus. 

Good job @Jordan Macharia (Thome), Nice posts and how the information given are well shown.

That's my burn! Hope you all have a great break when you have it! 


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Hi jim.

Anyway i liked your next research on galaxy.It is more educative because you get to know about the other dwarf planets and why they do not make it possible for people to live there, many of us wants to know why there is no air and also why people get to go there and research more on the planets.

here i found some links;http://space-facts.com/dwarf-planets/

nice research...

Hey @Priscilla Muthoni (Sweetwaters)

This isn't my research, but a Burn, which basically is a part of the Project. 

It's where i look at other people's research and talk about it! 

More info here: http://butterflyeffect.hoop.la.../project-report-form

My finished previous research are these: 

  1. How does meat production have an impact on the environment?
  2. How can we prevent Sexual Exploitation?
  3. How do you pick yourself back up? (Re-aligning your life)

Thanks for commenting though,


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