Is there such thing as love at first sight?

This is Angelica Ciarniello  research.

The reason  why i have decided to burn this research is because  love is affecting many people especially. love affects people emotionally when your mind begins to dance around in circles and even focusing on something ordinary makes you crazy, blame it on your love. being in love interfers with your brains ability to stay on task thinking of how or what the person could be thinking about you.

Angelica said in her research that when you love someone you love them for whom they are truly are, as a whole person you accept  their flaws and mistakes  and are able to move past it.

Love is one of the strongest emotions humans are capable of feeling. i found out that there are many diffrent kinds of love that we experience in our lifetimes such as infatuation.

infuation is the state of being completely carried away by unreasoning passion or love.


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Hey Trizah! 

This is a really cool topic to choose for your Burn. Love is one of those things that isn't really explicable; sure, there are ways of explaining why and how we feel love scientifically, but often, love can make us go against our human nature or against our common sense to pursue it, which is actually pretty interesting when you think about it! 

Great job!  

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