Burn/18 #1 of TRIZAH (Sweetwater)'s post!

Hello! Here is my 2018's Burn 1 (optional) where it is a response to someone else’s research, idea, or observation has been posted.

Today, I will be focusing on one of our peers on this platform! @Trizah Gatuiri (Sweetwaters) Link to post and research: https://www.pa-mojabutterfly.c...background-of-vaping 

I would like to say nice job! Trizah has done quite a lot of interest posts over the time I've been here! It's really cool.
Within her post, 

Some companies have been rapidly expanding using aggressive marketing messages similar to those used to promote cigarettes.

This is quite alarming. While it is different, the effects still exist and typical annoyances in the public still persists. It is dangerous for people around too as those electronic devices in the past have been prone to exploding too often - Injuries and deaths. 

I was also surprised to learn about what nicotine is (finally I found out) and the general idea of how vaping devices work. 

 E- liquid is the mixture used in vapour products such as e-cigarettes and generally consists of propylene glycol,water,and nicotine

Why did I decide to choose this post? A lot of posts on this website this year has been absolutely amazing! So many research and findings have been done and there's fresh ones each year. I chose this one is because I thought of relevancy. The fact that vaping is occurring in multiple areas in this day in age. While it is not allowed in some areas, it still happens. Not only in Canada or lower mainland, but others like Florida.

Keep it going!

Original Post

Hey Jim,

I liked your post this week and how you highlighted some of the interesting research that Trizah found. I remember reading her research round a little while back and I had a few of the same feelings you faced (like the surprise regarding how vaping actually works, the feeling that this research is a significant and relevant topic). 

If you are interested in learning more about the difference between vaping and smoking and a little bit about why people smoke/vape, you should watch this video (I watched it after reading her research). The scary thing about vaping is that as it's such a new thing, we don't have the same long-term research around it as we do around smoking. We haven't seen the long-term effects that vape-users face and if they are any better than cigarette smoking.

Keep up the good work,

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