Broaden Your Thinking: Trees and their unusual connection to Fish

While thinking of two completely different ideas I remembered the famous Einstein quote “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

...and I wondered...

What do fish actually have in common with trees? 
Then I looked it up:

Some fish live in trees??

I looked a bit more into it and found that one specific fish, the Mangrove Killifish, has adapted to survive inside of rotting branches for several months of the year. 

So for my question I had to ask: How far can one species adapt before it isn't considered part of the animal class(eg:mammals, birds, fish) it was before?



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this is a great topic.i really like the idea of broaden your thinking.on your question i think may be until the specific plant or animal in question completely changes physical characteristics and adapts to a different environment,but i think only the class changes in naming,but the species name remain.(i do not have a scientific prof yet but i will also do a research on that and send you in your next post.

great thinking Katelyn.merry Christmas!



Katelyn, that is an incredible inquiry!

I am so excited to see how your research turns out. You can go into multiple facets of evolutionary biology and animal classifications. Perhaps look into the history of the method of classifying animals and also the animals themselves. You could also look into the different methods of animal classifications, too. Anyways, have fun doing this and I'll be on the look out for this

Great stuff!
Erica Won.

Hi Katelyn! 

 First of all, I'm amazed that you got all that out of Googling "fish trees." And I like that this idea stemmed from a quote as well, it's very powerful. 

 As for the question you've come up with in the end, I have suggestions you could consider; a) looking at how scientists categorize animals, and b) looking at the process of evolving and adapting animals. You could also think of cases where an animals does something you wouldn't expect, or lives in a habitat you wouldn't expect to find it, like the fish in the tree. 

 Neat inquiry! 

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