Broaden Your Thinking #2

Hi again everyone! For this second "Broaden Your Thinking" section of this cycle, I decided to bring together two ideas that seem very different, but that also share key similarities.

These two topics are Jim Liu's "How can we prevent sexual exploitation" and my own research, "How is brain development affected by attachment to caregivers?" I believe that these two topics, despite being quite different, both discuss how a young adult develops and is affected during their developmental years, and one could even say that the answer to Jim's question lies within my own. Sexual exploitation increases exponentially when the victim is exposed to a hostile environment as a child, when they are neglected or abused, or lack to support of their caregivers. So, what steps can caregivers take to boost a child's confidence, lowering their chances of being sexually exploited? How do the social skills developed from positive childhoods help people to avoid sexual exploitation? Are people who were exploited sexually more likely to have children who are sexually exploited as well? If we can answer these questions, I believe that we will be able to have a more comprehensive perspective of both topics. 

I highly suggest checking out Jim's research; it's a very interesting and important subject! 

Thank you for reading!

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Hello Anika,

I've just read your post and that's a very interesting topic. I believe its true that being exposed to a hostile environment as well as lack of support from caregivers affects a lot.I had a friend who told me that her own mother hated her in a way such that she could not even giver a piece of advice. And so many other factors behind that.

I wish you all the very best as i eagerly await to see your next posting.

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