Arthur's Heir

Outline of Arthur's Heir


Chapter 1: Logan and his little sister Andrea are out in the woods in England, practising archery. They come across a circle of standing stones and when Andrea enters the circle, she disappears. Immediately, Logan follows after her and ends up in the Medieval Ages.

Chapter 2: Unaware of where they are, they find a boy named Arthur who provides them with Medieval clothes and a place to store their modern ones. Soon after, they find the Sword in the Stone.

Chapter 3: Logan pulls the Sword out and practices with it a couple of times. Arthur comes around the corner after storing their modern clothes and spots Logan with the Sword.

Chapter 4: Arthur tells the village, despite what the siblings protest. The village grabs Logan and makes him King. Andrea is locked out of the castle with Arthur and isn't allowed in.

Chapter 5: With the help of Arthur, Andrea disguises herself as a servant to sneak inside the castle and get Logan out. She sends Arthur to find the standing stones that sent them there.

Chapter 6: Andrea gets caught and thrown into the dungeons. No matter what Logan said, the people wouldn't let her go.

Chapter 7: Logan breaks Andrea out of the dungeons and they escape the castle the way Andrea came in.

Chapter 8: They put the Sword back in the stone and find a frantic Arthur. They ask him where the circle of stones is and he says that Kay's sword is missing. They direct him to the stone.

Chapter 9: Before leaving, they watch Arthur pull the Sword from the Stone and run back to Kay. They enter the circle and finally go home.

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Hey Natalya,

Props to you for writing a novel, I don't believe I could ever do something like that. I like how you summarized each chapter to get your thoughts laid out so that'll be easier to write and also gives us a sneak peak of the novel! It sounds like you're going to incorporate a bit of the King Arthur legend in your novel, I'd make sure that it's not too similar to the legend but still is clear that that's what you've incorporated (like finding the sweet spot). Anyways I'm really looking forward to reading your novel!

Hi Natalya!

I'm very excited to follow this as you write. It's such a great, creative inquiry and I'm happy you chose it.

Just following up from our conversation on Friday - the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) was what I was talking about in November,

and then:

Eragon was the fantasy series that's written by Christopher Paolini. He was still a teenager when he started it! 

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