Effect of condition of pregnancy on child development

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I’m doing my project on babies because I’ve always wondered if every little detail matters as to raising a child, especially during pregnancy. Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out how to perfectly raise a child to our fancy? (It actually might be a good thing that we can’t, yet). 

My previous knowledge is that women aren’t supposed to use drugs, alcohol, or smoke cigarettes during pregnancy but I never knew why. I also knew that they shouldn’t exercise or have hot baths.

Well through a little research I found out that the reason why women shouldn’t drink alcohol while pregnant is because it causes Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. It causes developmental, physical, learning and behavioural disabilities, while “Children with FASD have problems with hearing, speech and vision, learning, memory and coordination.”(1) In case of drug use, the baby will have a possibility of birth defects, heart attacks, respiratory failure, seizures, being born premature and/or underweight, having a stroke, (which leads to brain damage and/or death), or be stillborn. (2) Smoking causes damage to the mother’s and infants heart and lungs. It also leaves the baby at risk of (quote unquote) 

  • miscarriage, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy 
  • premature birth 
  • low birth weight

After the baby’s birth there are still concerns regarding its health and development, and especially if they are passively smoking. The baby can: suddenly die, have asthma, obtain higher chance of obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, and allergies.(3)

Now that I know some of the main things pregnant women are not supposed to do, I might look more into the psychological aspect when carrying a child and how it can affect the baby. 

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(1) https://www.healthlinkbc.ca/he...ol-spectrum-disorder

(2) https://www.webmd.com/baby/drug-use-and-pregnancy

(3) https://www.pregnancybirthbaby...moking-and-pregnancy

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Hey Leonarda,

It is so much fun learning how it all happens in the womb when a child develops. Like how the entire formation process occurs usually independent of the mothers consciousness. Definitely there are certain things the maternal mother carrying the child must observe so that the baby will be born without any defects and or disabilities. By what extent does the care offered to the unborn babies lead to complete sanity, maturity and healthy conditions of the newborns? And this reminds me of foster mothers. How about women who are addicts and would like to have kids, dangerously consumes alcohol or smokes cigar but would like to have kids? The link below outlines the main precautions an expectant woman should observe and drugs not to  use during this critical time.


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Hi Leonarda,

Great first post! I like how you talked about your previous knowledge on the subject, and then you did some research to answer the "why" questions you had about the information you knew already. Great job! I find it really interesting how deeply a pregnant woman's choices and actions can affect the life of her baby. I think it's kind of sad actually, because the baby has no control over the decisions their mother makes, and what the mother decides to do to her own body can drastically impact the life of the baby too. I think it would be interesting to know how a pregnant woman experiencing depression or stress or some mental illness might possibly have an effect on their child's health and/or development.

Here are some websites you can use for your research:





Good luck!

Hi Leonarda, I really like your topic and your first post looks great! I really like how you did some research beforehand on your topic, it’s a good idea to get a little idea of what type of information you will be receiving as you research and a little more information before you do your first research round.  I’ve heard before that pregnant woman are not supposed to drink coffee while pregnant so perhaps you could also look into that and research more on what you aren’t supposed to eating/drinking while you aren’t pregnant.  I’m not sure how far you were planning to go with the baby part, but if you are going to look into infancy, something you could maybe consider looking into is what effects alcohol has on the baby if the mother is breastfeeding while she has alcohol in her system.  

Here is a website to help you out:


Good luck!

Hello @Leonarda Ognjenovic (LFAS)!

A really nice post! The reason behind your drive to research this is definitely a good point. I agree and relate to you here: 

My previous knowledge is that women aren’t supposed to use drugs, alcohol, or smoke cigarettes during pregnancy

From what I remember, there's a lot of little things people really have to watch out for. It is quite sad the effects of cigarettes for example are serious yet some people still do so. For some, it takes serious commitment to change a habit you already have if you weren't planning a birth of a child. 

Something way out of the ball park is myths. There are a few "so called" techniques that can "do a particular beneficial thing" during pregnancy. Some of these like all others, are fake and is just to make people spend money (as raising a child is a careful-prone event). Perhaps looking into what kind of common knowledge/stigma/stereotypes/myths/claims that are or aren't true! 

Here are some links that are in the realm of the topic above! 




Nice going!

Hi Leonarda!

Cool topic!  There are so many speculations and books and people who claim to know exactly how to raise a child.  They talk about the perfect schedule for the baby, the exact temperature of milk, when to this and when to do that.  But i never stopped to think about starting at the very beginning all the way to carrying the child.  So i think that's really cool that you  considered everything and thought about the effects of the moms actions on the child.

In your next rounds an idea you could look into is all the ways people claim to know how to raise a child.  Below is a link to the "top 20 parenting book according to the cut".   All of these books will have slightly different theories and different reasoning s to why their way is the best.  So i think that might be a good and interesting thing to look into.



Hello Leonarda,

An excellent first post! I really liked how you choose something that actually interested you, and were genuinely interested in what you were looking into, and how you brought up that you already knew that it was bad, and that effected the baby, but not why; you then looked into why that is, which was very concisely put, I liked it as I didn’t know why that was either. So, thank you. I look forward to reading your next post, I’m sure it will be quite be quite informative.

Here are some websites that may be of use to you for your next post:

Hey Leonarda,

I found your research this week very fascinating! People always hear about different things that pregnant women should and shouldn't do, and I, too, have wondered about the real reasoning behind it--if there's real science behind it or if it's just an old wive's tale that stuck.

You covered smoking, drinking, and hot baths amongst other things, but I noticed that you didn't cover diet, which is something I've always wondered about. I vaguely remember my mom telling me about how she really had to make sure she got the proper nutrients and less sugar and carbs when she was pregnant, and maybe you could look into if there's truth behind any of that?

Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what you find,

Hi Leonarda,
this is a very important topic to discuss.  Many mothers do not realize what sort of things can affect there child.  It is important to bring awareness to this subject as it is not something that is discussed very often and it could ruin a child's life due to some of these bad habits.  There are many times in the news where you here a child with some disorder due to these kinds of habits.  It is sad and maybe if the mothers were more educated on the subject they would have done things differently.
The part I found most interesting was the part about babies being at risk of "miscarriage, stillbirth or ectopic pregnancy, premature birth and low birth weight".  This is kind of scary and very unfortunate.  Like I had mentioned before, if mothers maybe knew the consequences of these actions they might do things a bit differently.
I think this is a great topic to research about.  As you had mentioned before, you wanted to look more into the psychological aspect when carrying a child, I think it would be very interesting to hear about that, along with the psychological aspect of the child that has the syndrome and how exactly those bad habits of the mother work to damage the child. 
Here is a site that may help with your research:
Good luck with your research!
~Haley M.

 Hi Leonarda! 

 This is a very interesting topic, and quite important as well. I agree with the points from above - it's important for mothers to know what they're not supposed to do and be educated about how it will impact their unborn baby. 

 I also think it was great that you covered the topic of fetal alcohol syndrome, I definitely expected it to come up in your research since it's usually discussed with things relating to pregnant women. From what I know of (and this may not be in all cases), kids with fetal alcohol syndrome often have trouble fully understanding the consequences of their actions. 

 I also heard a rumor based on a Ted Talk that women can drink in moderation during pregnancy and it will have little to no affects on the baby. Here's a link to the Ted Talk, it might be helpful to you in some ways. 


 I also agree with what people have said about diet. For some reason, it's not recommended for women to eat sushi or drink coffee/tea while carrying a child. I wonder why that is, it might be an important factor to look into.

  As well, there's a lot of discussion about whether the father of the child (excuse the heterosexual bias) should be in the delivery room during the birth of the child. I found a Ted Talk on that as well. 


 Good luck with your research, this is an interesting topic! 

Hi Leonarda! 

I have heard all these facts too, how pregnant women aren't supposed to drink, take drugs, or smoke. However, I never really asked why. It's simply something we agree and move past. But, I like how you're researching about this case because it's information everyone should be aware about. I noticed you primarily discussed the negatives of a woman's actions, but perhaps you could also discuss what are some actions or foods a pregnant woman should do or eat? This would be neat! 

Here are some sources I found to help you:



Again, great job and nice post!


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