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Hello kindhearted people! Todays topic is... heart beats

       An average human heart can beat three billion times in a lifetime. When you're feeling your heart beating/pumping that's your heart contracting and relaxing. When your heart contracts, it tightens. Each time it contracts it's pumping blood, and that's your heart beat. When you feel your heart beating, that's your pulse. 

       If you were doing something like running/jogging, walking, jumping, climbing or swimming, your heart rate increases. Why is our heart beating so much faster when we exercise? Your heart needs to work faster and harder to get more oxygen to your muscles to help them work efficiently.


• Giraffes have lopsided hearts. Here's why: a giraffes left ventricle is bigger and thicker than its right ventricle

• Your heart beats on average 115,000 times in one day

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Hello Anastasia!

Thats a very educative and interesting topic. Are you continuing your research on the same topic?  If yes what are your objectives?...

May be you would look into how exercises affects our heart and body activity in general. Or may be why some people can run long distance races while others cant,( you may base it ony rate of oxgen uptake and the activity of the mitochondria).

Looking forward to your next post.


Hello Sarnaver! Thanks for the ideas and feedback! It's really helpful to my research! 

For a little bit more I am going to continue with researching the heart. I also had the idea of looking more into exercise, so I do have a little bit of research on that, I will try my best to post that soon!



Hi Anastasia, 

I love how you add fun facts to all of your posts! Hearts are essential in a human body, and I find it amazing that the heart can pump blood throughout our whole body. Perhaps, investigating ways to keep our heart healthy and the importance of it could be useful? I've watched too many episodes of medical shows where patients have heart complications because of a damaged heart that could have been preventable. Here are some links on maintaining a healthy heart. 



I look forward to your next round of research.  

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