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Hello readers/heart-beaters! Today I'm going to be answering two important questions about the heart. 

The first is: What are the effects of exercise on the heart?

Doing regular exercise is one of the top ways to keep our hearts healthy (as I have talked about in pervious posts). From the cardio regulatory centre in the brain, the heart beats faster and harder during exercise, and breathing becomes deeper and more frequent

The second question is: What is your heart's main jobs in your body?

Your heart's job is to always be pumping blood through and around your body. Even when you're sleeping, your heart is still pumping blood and beating. If your heart were to stop because of diseases, heart attacks or strokes, you would pass away very quickly because your heart is one of the main organs in your body keeping you alive. The heart is also in charge of is providing the whole body with nutrients and oxygen.


                                                       FUN FACT!

Your heart pushes blood through 80,000km of capillaries!

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Hi Anastasia!

I found your post to be really fun and interesting! I think you are asking great questions to help further your inquiry. Reading about the affects of exercise on the heart was a good reminder to stay active in order to stay healthy. Consequently, it may be interesting to look into what happens if you don't exercise regularly. 

Here are some sources that may be of use:



Good luck!

Hi Anastasia,

The heart is such a cool topic! I didn’t know we had 80,000 of capillaries! The heft is what keeps all humans alive, and exercise is essential in having a healthy heart. It might be interesting to look into heart conditions and heart attacks, and what can be done to prevent them.

Here are some links that may help with your research: 



http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/...icle.jsp#mainContent (this one is really good for preventing heart disease)

Good luck with your research!

Hey Anastasia. Well done research. But about that fact  about the kilometres. Its not a fun fact I think.I would like to know with how much time does the heart pump into capillaries that ends up to all those kilometres. We also need the speed. But speed maters with age.

Its true that our bodies need exercise for healthy hearts.

Did you know: Every time you sneeze,every part of your body including your heart stops for a while. That's why you find it so easy to drop something that you were holding before the disaster,eg a mobile phone,pen or a glass. Prove me wrong.That's the fun fact.

See you soon.

Hi Ambrose!

When I researched this topic, I also found that there was lots of cool secrets to the heart. I have now started a new topic on diabetes, and I figured out that they (your heart and diabetes) are kind of related in some ways. I was really happy when I found this out because, I still do really enjoying learning more about the heart. I really enjoyed reading and taking in your feedback!



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