#4 Planners/Journal/Calanders for organization

For my fourth round I wanted to go into more specific methods and so i'm going to be talking about something that I've been trying for this year.

Using a journal/planner to keep track of due dates, assignments, and daily work can be helpful in freeing up short term memory as you have less to worry about forgetting, and more energy can be put into focusing during class. I have noticed a lot that if I don't write things down, I will have to go through a mental list of things I need to do several times a day, which takes time and focus that may draw away from other things. As well, sometimes I miss important things that teachers are saying.

1. The "Bullet" Journal (1)


Using a series of symbols, designs and layouts. people who use this method can easily transfer, remove, list, and prioritize things that need to be done without making 4 different plans. If something doesn't get done one week a simple arrow can mean next week. The personalized design can be time consuming however, this time spent on the "making" of the journal can mean more dedication to organizing one's day or week.

As well as being a planner of some sort, because it is completely unique and flexible it can also serve as a sketchbook, notebook, or diary.

What makes the bullet journal method helpful is that by beginning with a completely blank page and having to draw out the planner yourself, it stays interesting and extremely involved. It takes more time than simply buying an already made planner but can become useful if someone likes art and organizing/planning a lot. 


-artistic, cheap, can be used for organizing/doing anything

-lots of flexibility and room for creativity


- time consuming, 

2. Kanban Post It Note system (2) (3)

This technique is for someone who enjoys more detailed description of what they are working on, will be working on, and what's finished. Instead of building on a deadline, you work on progress. This is more useful for group projects where there are several people working on something however it can drive along a project must faster.


Although more used by groups, a single person can also use this method. By substituting each colour to represent different areas of life rather different people in the office. It can quickly make prioritizing less stressful.

3. Technological planners (evernote, onenote, ICal) (4) (5)

one note

More and more people are doing all of their work online, in school students are using technology more than paper now and of course that means a lot of their organizing has to or is easier to be done online. Using an online base for planning can save a lot of time and money as most of the softwares are free and simple to use.

Pros: (5)

-Unlimited amount of space online, easy to edit, delete or move assignments/events.

-Many come with reminders and notifications that can now notify you from ur computer, watch or phone which allows for easier retrieval of calendar info.

Cons: (5)

-Can depend on battery life/internet access

-Not as versatile as other paper methods


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Hi Rachel,

I really liked this round of research and the pictures you provided really provided me with a visual. I have always wanted to use and journey or planner, but every time I try, I never keep up with it, I will forget for a long time and I just end up keeping noted on my phone. I do have to say my favorite is the bullet journal, it is very flexible and I can write as much or as little I want to. A bullet journey does take lots of time to make the guide and record down everything, I just got tired of using it overtime and stopped. I do think that iPhone calendar and note is an efficient way to keep track of homework assignments and due dates for people who maybe don't have the time to keep up with the journal. I never knew about the kanban post-it system, thought that was pretty cool.

Here are some other sites I found:



Good Job,

Grace Sun

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