#3 What are the long term effects of sedative-hypnotics?

A few people suggested looking into the history of sedative hypnotics, where it began and how those medicines differ from those of today.

Before the usage and development of sedatives or hypnotics that we have today, the only other means of sedation was alcohol and opium. (1)

1. Bromide Salts

-first introduced around the 1800’s as the first sedative-hypnotic

-used for epilepsy and managing hysteria as well as convulsions

2. Barbituarates

-altered compound of barbituric acid which did not have any effects until after altering the substance

side effects include:

long lasting effects of drowsiness and depressed CNS

Scientists and physicians continually altered drugs and did experiments for years on different chemicals and substances to see which mixtures and alterations led to the most productive effects with least effects however because they could not test these products on other people, a lot of the early scientist conducted experiments on themselves. (1)


To finish up, I think that taking zopiclone is only harmful if used for long time, although there is short term effects such as mood change and increased anxiety. Long term/permanent effects only seem to be relevant if the drug is abused. Basically, people who take this drug for years and years develop tolerance and dependance which leads to need for higher dosage for effective effects. This can lead to liver damage and brain chemical imbalances like increased insomnia and headaches. (2)

As long as people are careful about usage and timeline of usuage, sedative hypnotics seem to be relatively safe as an addition to help short term insomnia.


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Hey Rachel! I think it would be super cool to go deeper into the neurological effects of bromide salt and barbituarates. What was the reasoning behind those who used such hypnotic sedatives? Was there a science involved or was it all rubbish? Also, maybe including how they took those sedatives would be pretty cool.

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