#3 Introversion/Extroversion Differences when Studying

In my previous round of research, some people commented that it might be interesting to talk more about social differences between introverts and extroverts and what makes some study methods work for some people but how things work for other students. The behaviours and tendency’s of introverts and extrovert come greatly from the different levels of production of cortisol. (1) Which is the stress hormone within the brain, although many factors have to be considered, scientists have considered that because of high or low sensitivity to cortisol, some may be more likely to enjoy social/personal settings.

Now in my third round of research i'll talk about brain behaviour while studying versus when relaxing because those two things can mean completely different things between two people and also how being more introverted/extraverted can play into studying methods. While relaxing for some may mean be hanging out in social settings and in public, others mean that they need to be alone to regroup and process their thoughts.(3)

Although there isn’t a lot of research that easiliy explains brain activity and exactly what happens when people are studying, there are a lot of conclusions that support what I have said about studying consistently and with habit. Some have found that there is correlation on test results and consistent brain consistency. With distractions all around us, the brain has to work harder to focus which explain why consistency results with better focus/concentration.(2)

I’ve asked a few of my friends how they study and where they study best. One who is a fairly type A personality and introverted. Because he is often feeling high anxiety and is easily stressed, he finds that procrastination is weird and rarely leaves work to the last moment and even more he feels like he has to get everything done immediately. Although this friend is introverted, he is able to do work with others however, not as well as when he is alone. He memorizes and studies through reading rather than writing and listens to music

Another friend who cannot work unless she is alone is also introverted however a lot more easy going and generally relaxed than the first friend. She studies through reading and repetition, enjoys note taking and hands on work. She does not listen to music because "the music takes away my focus on the work and instead i'm - focusing on the words"

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These were the two on the two sides of the scale and the others were a mix of in-between, or they simply did not have a preference between studying alone or with other people.

Out of the 5 people I asked, I haven’t really noticed a power except more introverted people tend to be more productive while studying alone rather than with other people. 

This next week I'm not sure what direction I want to go however here are some of my ideas

- social effects of studying, (grades, academic status and competition, friendships)

- emotional effects ^ such as self-esteem, confidence, validation through schoolwork

- physical effects ^ negatives such as loss of sleep or isolation but then also positive things like increased brain usage and focus

- more methods of studying such as the bullet journal trend

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This is really interesting! If course, as your post proved, it’s important to note the differences in behaviour and habits depending on the person. For instance, I’m more introverted, and I don’t actually know how to study because I just go into tests without doing it and for some reason have got this far, but as I’m going into post-secondary next year, I am afraid. 

Anyway. I’ve never really thought about there being too much of a difference in the two personalities in regards to studying before. It’s a really interesting point you brought up. 

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