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Question: should Canada continue to support refugees coming from the U.S. border?

Hello everyone, this is my first round of research.    I will be focusing on the affects the new laws past in the U.S.  have had.  Specifically the how, why and when. 

I received a couple comments warning me about offending people and one, thank you.  Two, when I started this, that hadn't even entered my mind.  Why?  well this inquiry is not for me to lend my opinion to what should be done.  It is to find the facts that lead to an educated answer.  So really, I can't offend anyone if it is just facts, there is no way to be bias by doing this.  Just wanted to add that in because it is important to me that I do not offend anyone. 

when: In 2016, after Trump was elected president, 7000 refugees fled to Canada legally from the land ports of the U.S..  This number went up 63% more then previous years.  Along with an irregular amount (2000 plus) of unauthorized refugees entering.  Ghezae Hagos claims the reason for all of this(refugees fleeing their home and coming to Canada) is due to the election and placement of Donald Trump.  Not to mention the irregular entries of  1280 people entering Quebec(April 2016- January 2017) and the 652 people from British Columbia and Yukon(2016)  All of these numbers have risen significantly form past years.  In addition it is said that more refugees would come if there was not laws restricting them(1).

Why:  No one can know what is happening inside anyone else's head and I think that certainly is to speak for Donald Trump.  As many haters as he has, he has followers and supporters.  So in order not to affend anyone, this must be strictly facts.  Donald Trump, while being his own individual, has his beliefs.  He must truly believe that this is right: “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on.” stated by Donald Trump.  A 6 month old survey exclaiming the beliefs of one quarter of Muslims saying the violence against Americans was justified as a part of global jihad is one of his reasons.  along with other "facts" that may or may not have been backed up(2).

Even so, Canada should take this into consideration.  We are a safe and generous country but we dont want to put Canadians safety in jeopardy due to aiding the refugees.  That said, that is what makes Canada special, we help those in need.

who:  refugees from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen are banned for 90 days(3).  They were ambushed and without warning told they could not return.  As a result this put refugees who were safe from the ban in panic.  How are they to know it won't become permanent and they will be kicked out?  They don't.  Some packed up, left and came to Canada.  Many were found to walk across the border in the freezing cold(1).   Who does this affect?  Everyone!  It affects the family and their family, it affects other countries all around the world, it affects the government all over, it affects Canada and it affects the U.S. themselves(not necessarily for the better in some aspects).  "We spoke to travellers who had been turned away from flights and those who don’t know when they will see their families again". "Iran vowed to take reciprocal action.". " A legal challenge has been filed against Donald Trump’s executive order by lawyers representing two Iraqi refugees."(4).  Only three comments, but it is all that is needed to see the bad affects.  One is already fighting for money and the other is threatening violence.  not to mention the thousands of situations like this one family who just want to see their loved ones.

Altogether, this is an impossible situation.  In the end, when I pick a side, the opposing side will be upset.  That is inevitable, and that is life.  I'm fighting internally with myself at this point, but the only way to resolve is to keep searching.  I am constantly surprised with the new information I find and am so excited too continue.  I really appreciate the opinions and feed back of everyone and hope you continue to follow my research! 






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Hey Catherine! 

Nice post! A very controversial topic indeed. I think as long as you stick to the facts everything will be good (and have reliable sources). 

Perhaps you can look into behind what incites these fears, the origins, how it came to be. You may also want to look at the issues with refugees that enter canada (or a country) overall, not because of terrorism threats but economy and integrity of canada as well. (those are some concerns people are concerned of aside the physical harm part) 

Really great to read a complied information on this topic.

Keep it up! 

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