The changes we need

This survey is focusing on school.  Often in classes we have someone ask, why is this important to my future?  Why are we learning this?

This Survey is to collect data as too what classes you guys want to have, what classes you think are unnecessary and any other changes you want to our schooling system.

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Are you happy with the classes we are taught in school?


What classes/topics do you think need to be added?

Would you make changes to the way we are taught if you could? or do you like and agree with how it is now?

If you have specific things you would change or a specific reason as to why you like it please write it in the box

I like it the way it is
i don' like it

Do you think having letter grades and percentages are beneficial or do you think having the meeting expectations etc. is better

Having percentages and letter grades: A (86%)


You are meeting expectations, exceeding expectations etc.


i like grades and percentages
i prefer the word scale of meeting expectations etc.
i think we should come up with a new way to mark students

Overall do you enjoy your school experience?

Please say yes or no and give a short explanation as to why or why not.  If there are any other comments about school please write them here.

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