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Just wondering what the youth think about the idea, and if they have a pre mind set expectation.

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would you be willing to participate in a cultural exchange with students from other countries?

depends on what countries

Are you the type of person who would be shy/quiet or out going and a leader?

shy and quiet
out going and a leader
a little bit of both

do you hold stereotypes against indigenous people from around the world?


have you been taught, talked to, or self taught yourself about indigenous cultural/people?

leaned in class at school
self taught
have had discussions with friends, family, teachers etc...

willing to learn different songs, stories, games, food, behaviour without doubt, being hesitant , or questioning in an offensive way?

yes willing to learn as much as i can without judging
i would be hesitant to try some things
i don't think i could do that.

would you present yourself and act like you are higher class and more civilized?

all equal, just with different behaviours
no, different societies have different expectations and norms
well, if they eat with there fingers i'm obviously better then them.

do you think you would learn anything and obtain new knowledge of a culture?

yes, i would learn so much and obtain everything
i would love to be apart of it but i don't think i would remember anything
no, not really

would any of what you experienced or Learned impact your everyday life?

maybe, in some situations

would you talk about it and share this knowledge with friends and family?

if it came up in conversation, maybe

would it stay with you or fade within a month?

stay with me forever
fade in a month
i would remember small bits

if you had a token or craft (bracelet, painting, recipe, song, etc..) to remember cultural exchange by. Would that help you remember or keep a mentality in your everyday life?

yes, it would be cool to have a keep sake to remember

Anything you wanna say? I would love any comments!

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shoot, I accidentally clicked the wrong one on the question "would you talk about it and share this knowledge with friends and family?" I don't know how it went with no, but it was the last option (if it came up in conversation) that I wanted. Just thought I'd let you know for research purposes.