Project Plan #2

Hello everyone,

For this cycle, I have decided to stick with the same question which is How might concussions affect teen's brain development? Last cycle, I looked into the basics of concussions (definitions/causes), and the main reason teen's have concussion = sports

The second time around I wanted to look into the question in more depth and figure out all the ways teens can be affected by a concussion. Whether it's physically, mentally or emotionally. Some ideas I have are:

  • discovering how teens are able to handle school after a concussion
  • comparing a concussed brain vs a regular brain /different brain injuries 
  • does a teen change after a concussion (mentally/physically)
  • is there a certain part of the brain effected most teen's hit their heads (eg: creativity part, academic part, memory part)


Some websites I may use are:




I would appreciate any feedback/ websites/ information on my question

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