Research Round #2: How might our world change in the next 100 years?

So my inquiry is "With respect to technology, how might our world change in the next 100 years. Last research round, I started off with looking the artificial intelligence(AI) side of things and talked about what is AI, what sort of AI do we already have, and benefits and risks of AI. This week I'll be looking at how AI has changed and will change in the far and near future.


What might we see in the future of AI?

There is so much that could change in the future. Just look at the technology we have today and how quickly everything is evolving. Think about it. The first ever IPhone was released on June 2007(1). That was only about 10 years ago. And now look at how much things have change since.  If one smartphone company changed that much in 10 years, imagine how much our technology filled world could change in the 100 years. (1)

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What are things that could change in the near future?

 -Computers/Computing-  Whenever a new computer is released, it’s only getting improved and becoming “smarter”. There will likely be a lot of features on the computer and many more softwares created whether it’s for children to play games on or to make people who need computers for their job to make life easier.(4)

-Surveillance- Security systems, smart sensors and even baby monitors will be improved so much, making your house, stores,etc.. much safer. (4)

-Social – It could happen that there is technology created that benefits humanity. What I mean by this is that a lot of stress could be taken off humans. For an example, if a robot was replaced to do surgery on someone, it would take off a lot of stress that the doctor would have. AI can’t feel emotions and has no moral values.(4) Could it be a good thing that robots take over jobs though? I’m actually planning to do a separate research round about that so I won’t go too in depth into it.

-Business- It’s likely that AI will help in the world of business massively. AI could be a big help in content creation and analyzing consumer reports. (4)

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How could AI change in the far future?

-Automated transportation- Although I’ve mentioned this already, there is a really high chance that there will be automated transportation.  Today there are already models of self driving cars so we can definitely expect that to evolve massively in the next 100 years. Buses could be automated by themselves, cars, trains and more.(2,5)

-Cyborg technology- Yes this has been discussed. Merging a human and a robot. A researcher named Shimon Whiteson says that he thinks we’ll be able to find a way to enhance natural human abilities and make them even better. (2,3,5)

-Taking over dangerous jobs-   This is probably very likely going to happen. Having robots take over jobs that are risky and can cause a lot harm to a human is something that would change things quite a bit.  Jobs that deal with dangerous substances or fumes, intense heat or cold, ear-splitting noise could be something robots do for us in the future. (3,5)

-Solving climate change- Yes this seems impossible, but it might not be as hard as you think. Machines have more access to data than a human would ever have. This data would store millions of statistics. And using all this data, the machine could potentially come up with solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems.(5)

-Elderly care-  Taking care of themselves is an everyday struggle for the elderly. Often, they have to hire someone to take of them or rely on their family. If “home” robots were created, it would make their lives much easier. (5)

-Robots as friends- When I read this, this really intrigued me. Imagine having a personalized best friend. In the future, it could be possible that you could buy a robot that is customized to be your ideal friend.  Most the robots we have today are emotionless and don’t have sort of values. But I found that there is a really popular robot created in Japan called Pepper. Pepper is a robot that can read human emotions and have its own emotions as well. Its job is to interact with humans and make sure their owner is always happy. In Japan, it went on sale sometime in 2015, and the first 1000 initial units sold out in less than a minute. (6,7,8)

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Next time, I'll look more into how transportation and housing could change. Thanks for reading, feel free to leave any ideas or questions you have. 

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