Project Report Form 2017

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Butterfly Effect-Project Report 2017

Project Cycle Beginning:

Project Cycle Ending:

Butterfly Effect

Project Report Form


Inquiry Topic/Title

Inquiry Question

A clear essential question that motivates the study has been articulated and confirmed by a teacher/mentor.

Project Plan Must contain the following components

i) Name of teacher:

Name of mentor (if present):

ii) Summary of idea posted (200 word min).

iii) A description of the first 3 steps of your research. The goal is to break your question into smaller, more manageable research rounds.

iv) List of potential research sources (min. 5), including readings,

websites, documentaries, books, videos, articles, etc.

Research/New Knowledge Post your research at least once per week (unless an other schedule is approved from your teacher)

i) State your question and what you are covering in this round of research. Ongoing research posted weekly. End with a statement of what research you will do next.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

ii) Your post must be properly referenced with numerical annotations in the text and a corresponding list of those sources.

iii) Possible biases considered and posted.

Metamorphosis A paragraph outlining student learning.

(once per cycle)

i) Re-state inquiry topic.

ii) Discussion of how your inquiry now impacts your thinking. (100-200 words)

iii) How will this investigation impact the decisions you make. (100-200 words)

iv) Describe the broader impacts this new knowledge might have on others locally and/or globally. (100-200 words)

iv) Overcoming challenges- challenges have been identified and reflected upon.


Butterfly Effect- Learning Community

Support the Learning Community

(15 comments per cycle)

Minimum of 3 in depth comments each week/ approximately 15 comments per cycle.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Meaningful comments have been regularly posted (not all at once).

Comments add to the inquiry of the topic and include links to other sources.

The Burn

(This may be optional for the first few cycles)

(2 x per cycle)

A response to someone else’s research, idea, or observation has been posted on the Butterfly Effect site.

A response has been made at least twice per cycle. At least one from another country.

Burn 1

Burn 2

‘The Burn’ acknowledges and celebrates the research and learning within the Butterfly Effect community that has burned on your memory.

The name of the classmate has been identified.

There is a clear explanation of why the post was chosen.

Looks beyond your own area of study on the site.

Broaden Your Thinking

(This may be optional for the first few cycles)

(Once per cycle)

Two disparate topics, ideas, visuals, lines, etc. have been chosen from a student on Butterfly from another country.

A question or statement has been created connecting two seemingly disconnected ideas.

The student has taken a risk to expand their thinking beyond the ordinary and obvious.

Butterfly Effect- Sharing of Learning

Sharing of Learning

(At the end of each cycle)

Choose one or more people to share what you have learned during this cycle.

Share your cited resources: quotes, graphs, questionnaires, video clips, articles etc.

Comments from each observer saved to folder.