Biography Assignment

After listening to student feedback, we are adding a new feature on the Butterfly site to encourage community. Our intent is that you will all have a deeper and richer understanding of one another.  Another goal is that we want you to feel  a lot more like a real community (despite being in a virtual world!) 

Go to YOUR profile page and click 'Edit Profile' Then scroll down until you see a section called 'Biography' and then fill in this area following the instructions below. 


We would like the Biography to be:

  • Professional
  • Fun
  • Creative
  • In multi-paragraph form
  • Approximately 500 words


In order to brainstorm good ideas, consider the following:

  1. Give 2 sentences about the basics about you.  And THEN…..
  2. You must address at least two (or more) of the following questions:
    • Share some of your culture or family values, traditions, laws or norms that might be interesting to people who do not know your culture.
    • What is one thing about you that might surprise others?
    • What is your passion?
    • What brought you to Butterfly and where do you expect it take you?
    • What is your strongest attribute or trait?
  3. In order to help you brainstorm, you might also consider adding something that answers a couple of these questions:
    • What does word “community” mean to you?
    • What is your place in your community?
    • What does “global community” mean to you?
    • If you could solve any local or global problem what would it be? And why?
    • If could you have any job right now what would it be and why?
    • What do you like to do in your free time?
    • What do you do to relax?
    • What does the perfect “best friend” look like to you?
    • Who is one of your heroes and why?
    • Would you like to be the worst person the best team or the best player on the worst team and why?