Introduction to Quarantine Project

We are currently living through an unprecedented time when the world is working together to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. As it unfolds we invite you to share your stories of hope, and your new daily reality. 

To share your experience we have put forward three options:

  1.  A Daily Journal

A written documentation of your daily experience. Although what you write is up to you, you could consider:  How does your day begin? What are your responsibilities? What are your joys? What beauty are you noticing now that you have not noticed before? What have you taken for granted? You can write this journal for only one day, or you may choose to share your journal over a succession of days.

  2.  A Story in Pictures – Photography

Pictures are worth a thousand words becomes truth as we see a new reality unfold before us. Perhaps it is the environment rejuvenating around us, or the silence of once crowded streets, or the joy of family. Feel free to capture what you see and share with us.

  3.   A Story in Film

From parodies of songs through to narrative stories film is being used to capture the experience, voices, and memories of the world as it goes through the Covid-19 pandemic. Feel free to share your own films and experiences on this platform.

4.   A New World – empowering the change to come  – Inquiry

As you go through this experience what changes are positive and need to be adapted into our new reality? What lessons need to be seen and heard by the world? How do we use what we now know to create a stronger, better world? In this option state your subject and question working through the stages of inquiry with the end purpose of inspiring change.

Each one is a way to share your experience. We invite you to capture your world, share it with us, and know we are together.