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social media update 2016. it has been viewed that over the past years,Pew Research has recorded a huge varieties of the ways that the Americans use social media trying to find out information and interact.A large number of the Americans get news through social media while others learnt more about the 2016 presidential election. Social media is also used in the context of work and engaging in an ongoing effort to navigate the complex privacy issues that these sites bring to the forefront.In...Read More...
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Modes of accessing the internet.

Hello everyone.. It has taken a while for me to post an article on social media and smartphones but i was able to make a research in which i was able to find that despite college students and also for the young teenagers who are most probably in secondary school using their smartphones,there are various ways to access the internet using communication channels for instance. Wireless-wireless or Wi-Fi does not really require the use of telephone lines to connect to the internet but instead it...Read More...
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Farmers Milking to promote social media.

Hey guys I was able to come up with a brief summary of how dairy milking is being promoted and of how foundations are trying to also help the community in developing their farming skills and practices. A large number of farmers in the U.S have signed up for various social media site as a way of promoting the Agriculture industry.Farming to some people is not a thing they would like to practice because we all know that at some point it becomes tiresome and requires lots of energy. But for the...Read More...
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Hello everybody; I did a research of how media is of use and help to the part of agriculture and this is what i found;- Agriculture is one of the industries,that is seen to improve realization of Canadian agriculture by creating positive dialogue regarding the industry. The media has been of great help since one is able to view and share feedback that are of value and promote fast conversation. Agriculture more than ever will; Operate in English and any other language that a person will...Read More...
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For a person to be able to differentiate kinds of social media,there are a variety of online services that i have highlighted and each one has a considerable role it plays. Here are some of them;- Media sharing Network. This kind of social network is defined as the type of media under primary type that is shared among the users of it. Twitter and Facebook are known to have videos and images that a person can be able to share and watch.However,the text is mainly considered to be in these...Read More...
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Technique of how social media aids in the society and worldwide.

Hello everyone it feels good to be back after a long time of silence but despite that i was able to come up with other benefits that social media is offering us. Social media is well known world wide and it acts as an useful and open site where everyone can access it.More so it helps out with ways or ideas that might help an individual stuck in a certain situation. Its also a site where business can be run and of which various people can get to meet and interact so as to get to know each...Read More...
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hello everyone, i was able to come up with ways of how we can cause Social media depression to ourselves and of how it could end us up in embarrassing incidences or scenes. Having social media accounts has its both positive and negative outcomes.For one, a positive outcome is when we make and meet new friend and also when keeping in touch with them. The negative tends to be more evident that it causes 'social media depression' as warned by a mental health expert. Not only does it cause...Read More...
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Hi everyone.. I came up with interesting facts that we do encounter to our day to day life.According to the huffington post statistics show that with or without smartphones,ninety one percent of teens report that they access the internet from their phone.Among this group ninety four percent report they access internet on their phone daily or more often. while as ninety-two percent of teens report going online at least once a day and fifty six percent admit they go online ''several times'' a...Read More...
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Nomophobia is referred as the fear of being without a mobile phone. Physiology today terms it as an abbreviation for "no mobile phone-phobia",which was coined during a 2010 study by the UK post office.IT seen that 58% of men and 47% of women suffer from the phobia and an additional 9 percent feel stressed when their mobile phones are off.Another study by the university of Missouri,found that the fear of being phone-less can lead to physiological and physiological effects.As stated by Natural...Read More...
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Despite of social media having lots of challenges today we are going to look on how social media has helped some of the developing countries Social media as an equalizer As on world health organization article recently started, one fact sheet or an emergency message about an outbreak can be spread through twitter faster than any influenza virus. Social media saves life When major illness occurs social media is often the first to know. Clever monitoring of social media can predict diseases...Read More...
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A true social media addiction can be more harmful than it initially seems.It can be the case of family problems and performance issues at work.Even if you don't have a full blown addiction to social media,spending too much time on Facebook and other websites can still be unhealthy.For one thing every moment spent on social media is a moment that isn't spent with family and friends.Then there is the issue of being sedentary in general.Spending excess time on social media certainly contributes...Read More...
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Background of Social media addiction.

The internet is a worldwide network of computer networks linked through high-speed,high-volume,telephone lines and cables,as well as via the WI-FI connections.It has come a long way from its start in the 1960's as a vast,indestructible U.S military computer network that could communicate even when under enemy attack.With the invention of blogging and social media in 1999 the internet began to explode in popularity.Sites like Likedin gained prominence in the early 2000. You tube in 2005 and...Read More...
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