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Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles: FINAL POST

I've realized that, over time, my interest in my subject has decreased. I began studying self-driving cars from the lens of an aspiring psychologist, but now i know that there's actually much less psychology in it than I thought. Even though there's some psychology in other aspects of the self-driving car movement, such as people's trust in machines, reactions of the transportation industry, etc, I'd rather move on to a new idea that's been interesting me than stick to this one. I never knew...Read More...
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Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles: Week #2

In my first post about self-driving cars, I mentioned the website Moral Machine, a program built to test what factors influence how you weigh human lives. This was relevant at the time because it was for a project in my Psych class, and fit with the theme of understanding ourselves/the human psyche. However, as a Butterfly Effect project, I'll be altering how I come at the subject, and that's because of the following quote. When asked about how the developers of X's Waymo, a principal...Read More...
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Ethics of Autonomous Vehicles: Week #1

Note: I'm very behind in my first inquiry! i'll be catching up over the next week or two. This is still my first one! Which companies are working on producing driverless cars? AB Volvo - AB Volvo is a Sweedish manufacturing company that focuses primarily on cars. Known also as Volvo Cars, they have teamed up with Uber- a tech company famous for their community-driven transportation app of the same name. Their goal is to design and finance autonomous cars for the mass market together. Just a...Read More...
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