Celebration of Learning

Hello folks! I’ve had a lot of fun with my research throughout this last cycle. I went into this with a moderate/limited knowledge of fashion and I’m surprised by how much I learned. Just for a quick recap; I looked at fashion trends for both men and women during my time period of study, and how things changed throughout those decades. I was interested to see how the styles contrasted, especially with a great difference from the 80s to the 90s. Then, I looked at fashion around the globe as...Read More...
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Metamorphosis #5

Danica Rogers (Charles Best-Alumni)
How are organisms being affected by climate change? For this cycle of research, was an eye opener for me. Although, I've been covering climate change for quite a while I've found that with each round of research I get to discover more about climate change. With this cycle, looking a lot into the severity of whats happening in the arctic it dawned on me how serious the effects of climate change are and how we'll be seeing the severity in the arctic move further south. One way this research...Read More...

Ongoing Reflection #1

Sophie Holland (LFAS)
Hello everybody! This inquiry has been really good for me, and I think it's a good place to wrap up this round. I'm not sure if I want to continue it or do something else, but overall, I appreciate everything I've learned from this inquiry, and all of your lovely comments and suggestions! How my project impacts my thinking: I've definitely learned not to judge a book by it's cover. When I'm reading now, I encourage myself to ask questions a lot, especially, "Could this actually be believable...Read More...
How do Dream Affect People? Research #5 When dreaming sometimes you don't remember dreams. To remember a dream you need a certain amount of cortical arousal, which is how active your brain is when you wake up. This will move the dream from your short term memory to your long term memory. So while you are dreaming you have to wake up before the process is over. You can recall other dreams under certain circumstances. Important dreams are more easily recalled, but if in an intense emotional...Read More...
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Inquiry topic: Intuition Inquiry question: What is intuition? To view the video I used for my presentation please visit the following link: https://www.powtoon.com/online...uition/?mode=movie#/ I initially chose this topic because I wanted to learn whether intuition was a personality trait or a cognitive process. As the weeks went by, I learnt more about my topic and realized something amazing: intuition can be explained by philosophy and science. Finding credible resources was difficult as...Read More...
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Onesmus Mwangi (Thome)
INQUIRY QUESTION: WHY ARE PEOPLE DISCRIMINATED BECAUSE OF THEIR SKIN COLOUR. Hae guys i would be a very bad thing to lack to recogonise the effort of everyone who have helped me in this project.[racism] i have done this as a branch of my project [genetics] .it has been a very tiring and at t he same time an educative one from reaserching on the human skin and its components to albinism.the reasech have helped me by equiping me with skills that will help today and in the future.this are some...Read More...
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