The Ideal Person - According to You

After a week of painstaking survey analyzing, I finally have some results of y'all!

Here are the different ideas discussed in the final question, sorted from most occurrences to least occurrences. I did not include ideas that only came up three times or less. Just in case you need a refresher, the last question was "Describe the ideal person for you to have a long-term romantic relationship with." I'd love all your thoughts on these results.


Honest - 34

Funny - 27

Caring - 22

Kind - 20

Smart - 14

Loyal - 13

Tall - 10

Open - 8

Supportive - 8

Passionate - 8

Healthy - 7

Respects/loves me - 7

Appreciates who I am - 7

Adventurous - 7

Loves themselves - 6

Ambitious/has future goals - 6

Active - 6

Good-looking - 6

Tries new things - 6

Positive - 5

Sweet - 5

Loves animals - 5

Fun - 5

Romantic - 4

Respectful to others - 4

Patient - 4

Committed - 4

Weird - 4

Strong - 4

Comfortable - 4

Respects my family - 4

Outdoorsy - 4

Different from me - 4


Something interesting about these results, is how big the divide was between the top traits and the lower traits. Honesty was by far the most popular choice, and then funny. After that though, the traits were very closely grouped together, with 10 traits with 4 responses, 4 with 5, and 5 with 6. Are these traits something that people have unanimously agreed is desirable in a romantic relationship, or are they genuinely things people want in a relationship? A lot of the responses were shockingly similar. You could take the top ten traits here, and using them you could compile a list that looks incredibly similar to my list of responses. I suspect that humans in general do look for diversity in their partners, but feel pressure to write things that they know will be agreed upon in these sorts of scenarios.





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I find it interesting that honest was the most desired trait, yet people often get upset with really honest observations on them. I wonder if that is actually a desired trait or if it's a trait that people want to desire. From what I've observed in people, so many would prefer to be unknowingly lied to or have the information withheld from them rather than told the truth. 

Also, is honesty a hard, concrete thing that means being honest with everything from serious situations to the typical "how does my butt look in these jeans?", or is it specific to serious situations? From what I've observed with people, not many people truly want complete honesty in everything, including the physical and personality comments. 


I find it interesting that the top ideal physical attribute was "tall." I would have thought good-looking would rank above that. And nobody prefers "short" people haha. I wonder why that is? 

Wow this is such a cool idea! I found it interesting that the top 5 traits were all to do with personality and not as much with appearance. I would be interested to know how many of the people who took the survey were male and how many were female to see if there is any difference in what a male looks for in a romantic relationship as opposed to a female.

these results are really interesting! i find it really strange that respecting my family was so low. i also think that requirements for a significant other would really vary between the genders. i wonder, what if someone had a high percentage of the traits you looked for in a partner but that person was missing one key trait, such as honesty or funny. would you still be interested in being in a relationship with them?

I too found the gap between the top three traits and the rest interesting. As to its origins, whether it be societal consensus or innate desire, I speculate it could be a mix of both. I found it interesting that you should add that, as pop culture, media, and our culture impacts every aspect of our being, not excluding relationships.

 Also, I wonder if the ideal romantic partner differs between sexes; that is, are different traits favored more/less than others by each gender?

Just a thought.