Project Plan: Gender

Project Outline for Butterfly Effect


Subject:  Influence by Culture/Biological Differences in gender

Question:        Is there a difference in the way man and woman learn and feels emotions? Is this more heavily influenced by culture or biological factors?

Plan: My project will be split into three main different parts.

        The first part of my project is about how the male and female are biologically, and mentally different. The different ways they think, learn(observe facts and gather information) and express emotions between males and females will be observed.

        The second part of my project will be looking into how much the role of culture stereotypes and expectation plays in the differences between the males and females.

        Then I will wrap up my project by doing a survey/experiment and comparing it to the research. Finally, I will debate whether the differences between males and females are more heavily influenced by how they are truly, biologically design or by our society's expectation.

Research Sources:


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Gender Differences in the Brain by Helen Fisher, Ph.D. at

Lewis Wolpert: Physical & Psychological Differences Between Men and Women at

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Thank you for commenting! and sorry for replying so late.

For new I haven't make up my mind about what exactly I will be surveying or experimenting. But what I do know is I want to base all my survey or experiment on my research, on what I discover through the time. I want to take the knowledge I learn and try to apply it in real life. And that is what all the 3 step of my project is about, to prove that whether if my research could make sense in real life! I don't want my project to be an idea, I want it to be practical, and useful.