New Inquiry: Schizophrenia (treatment and stigma)

Inquiry topic: Schizophrenia

Inquiry question: Can we create a health care system that treats schizophrenic patients successfully and reduces the stigma at the same time?

Name of teacher: Silvia Knittel

Plan: It took me quite a little to find the right project for butterfly effect. My first inquiry wasn't really a topic, that was interesting for me. But I think now I found the right project and I'm very excited about it.

Schizophrenia is a very interesting mental disease, but as I experience by myself not a lot of people know about it.

For those who never heard of the disease, I found a quick summary and definition on Youtube. I would explain it to myself, but I want to get started with the really interesting research and not wasting time with the introductions.

I want to look into:

...the treatment of schizophrenia from different countries and cultures

....artists with schizophrenia. well as new medical research (f.e. Marijuana and schizophrenia).

My goals are:

  • to get closer to the reasons for bad treatment and stigmatization
  • how art can help reducing that stigma
  • and how we move forward to an innovative and open therapy of schizophrenia (based on the first research point)

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Hey Samuel,

Thanks for sharing your information about Kenya's view on schizophrenia, I will totally look into that too. 

What is quite fascinating for me, even if its negative, but no mater at which place or country, I did schizophrenia research so far, that disease was not accepted by the society. To hear that from your view about Kenya again, makes me continuing research and posting, because I think it's at us to make a change.


This is a cool area of research you have.I was reading   on a local paper and came across this   article  about mental illness even though not specifically schizophrenia.

According to statistic detailed,more than 25% of Kenyans at some point in their lifetime had had a mental disorder.As a result,adoption of  the Kenyan Health Mental policy 2015-2030 in a bid to shift attention to mental illnesses[a long neglected issue in Kenya]It feels good that schizophrenia issue is not neglected in Butterfly Effect.Good work Sophie,looking forward to your research reports.